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Which grocery store has the best prepared foods section?

2022.01.23 20:59 Squid_Contestant_69 Which grocery store has the best prepared foods section?

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2022.01.23 20:59 F3RT1G I have a 6iv haunter that I’d like to trade and get back. I’ll trade you a OK stat shiny spiritomb for your time lol. Also, looking for pearl exclusives if you need diamonds, master balls or golden bottle caps if anyone has extras to spare???

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2022.01.23 20:59 amboy_connector Current or former US military drill instructors, what are to taught to do in your drill instructor training?

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2022.01.23 20:59 AdmirableHistory7014 Red bud roots Pineapple og. Full spectrum.

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2022.01.23 20:59 alec_boi Whats this BE gatling gun worth

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2022.01.23 20:59 kriss123boys From a Yorick main - Thank you Kled mains

Hey guys! I came here from the wonderful land of yorickmains to thank you for the most wonderful time of my league career.
I just finished a soloq ranked match and i faced a 1,2mil kled main and i was delighted to see a worthy oponent. Both me and the kled had our beloved champ's names in our nicknames so it was a pretty fun game from the start.
The battle of the titans has begun and we both fought ferociously, we both tried our best, dodging and hitting skillshots, dueling and trying to counter our champs equally in any way we could. At one point i even trapped him during his R in my wall and i had the audacity to stop running away and turn to him to laugh in his face only later to get punished for being cocky. It is with great shame that i have to say that greed sadly took over me, and greed is one of the worst things to have while facing a kled and i got my ass handed to me. After dying 4 times i did not even have a grain of grief or anger in me. We fought on top lane fair and square, no junglers, no ignites, just me and him duelling each other with matching skill levels.
After the match i friended him only to thank him for such a wonderful time and we chatted for a bit talking about our duel, complimenting each other and bidding farewell after wishing good luck on our future journey.
Untill now i have never experienced such a gentlemanly and honourable fight on top lane, this match honestly felt like a samurai story with me being the cocky villain being ultimately killed in the end. I literally cannot stop thinking about this because i am so happy right now. Never has a loss been so meaningless to me.
And this is why I want to thank you all, dear kled mains, for giving me the experience of a lifetime <3.
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2022.01.23 20:59 redditormoth Did a redesign or Exe cause I actually like this dude....wish he was an oc because he looks too cool to be in a huggy wuggy animation

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2022.01.23 20:59 Greymarkx People who read the Terms and Conditions, why? And have you ever found anything alarming?

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2022.01.23 20:59 adonis6338 CROLambos will explode as an NFT Project + Cryptocurrency on the Cronos Chain!

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2022.01.23 20:59 Biros21 troubleshooting boiler/furnace

Hoping maybe to find some help here. I am not an HVAC tech by any means just hoping to find some help with my home boiler. I had run out of home heating oil a few days ago and that is when my trouble started. we got an oil delivery and I had to bleed the oil fitting on my burner to start the furnace and after that everything ran normal. fast forward 2 days later it seems I never got back the full amount of heat that my furnace had been putting out before through my base board heaters. I have hot water to every faucet in my house but my base board heaters have no heat to them at all. I went around every radiator in my house and opened each valve I saw to vent out any air that was in the base board pipes thinking this may have been the problem. I was able to get some air out of the system but it still seems the water is not moving through the pipes to the radiators. to me it seems the boiler is not pushing water through and this would lead me to believe that my circulation pump is bad? any help is appreciated. thanks
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2022.01.23 20:59 Simploticus Can you host onion services alongside an active 'traditional' web server?

Can an existing dedicated Linux server host an onion server concurrently with a 'normal' Apache server?
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2022.01.23 20:59 OneHourOasis Walmart keeps cancelling my order

I've tried 3 times to order a $10 Spotify gift card but it keeps cancelling my order due to "location restrictions". They allow me to buy everything except a gift card and I really want a gift card. I have sufficient funds and the item is in stock.
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2022.01.23 20:59 grybber Sisters. Kiev photo studio on Podil

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2022.01.23 20:59 MachWun I just added some new plants and pots. Thoughts and suggestions?

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2022.01.23 20:59 PleasantPreparation3 To whomever was stealing my Internet Thankyou

I'm not young nor really tech savvy.Thank you for making me switch from Expensive xfinity to BTC.When the problem still wasn't fixed,Thank you for making figure how to lock it all up.Thank you for cutting the price to a fraction of what it was.I don't post much but just wanted to say Thank You!
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2022.01.23 20:59 uaskmebefore 汤加火山爆发已6人死 1小岛被夷为平地但全员奇迹生还

汤加火山爆发已6人死 1小岛被夷为平地但全员奇迹生还 1月23日,据《自由时报》报道,南太平洋岛国汤加的“洪加汤加—洪加哈派”(Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai)火山岛海底火山在14、15日两度喷发,同时引发海啸,东加遭受重创,一度对外失联,随著部分通讯恢复,以及外界救援抵达,灾情陆续釐清,目前已知至少6死,伤者不计其数。
... 时刻新闻

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2022.01.23 20:59 EMarkL Ridge Tribidrag?

I just read a post about a Ridge Lytton Estate Primitivo bottling. I love Ridge wines, although I have never had this bottling. It did, however, raise a question in my mind. Rather than hijack that other conversation I thought I would just start a new one.
I recently listened to a podcast featuring Carole Meredith. She, of course, is the person who identified Primitivo in Italy and the Croatian grape, Tribidrag (also known as Crljenak Kaštelanski), as being identical Zinfandel. She mentioned that Ridge has obtained Tribidrag cuttings from Croatia and grafted them onto Lytton Springs rootstock. Has anybody seen a Lytton Estate bottling of Tribidrag?
Meredith's winery, Lagier Meredith, of course has a Tribidrag bottling using grapes from their estate vineyard, but those vines were not brought over from Croatia, They are truly American Zinfandel.
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2022.01.23 20:59 Minoxidiljourney Close to 18 months, 2 months grown out and im quite happy with the hairs that seem terminal at this point

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2022.01.23 20:59 vnrwyman How can i tell my total number of notes?

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2022.01.23 20:59 CelestialTheGod Brawlhalla

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2022.01.23 20:59 The-King-Cody [XB1] H: Misc Decent Rolled Guns W: Ari/GOR FFR/LVC HM

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2022.01.23 20:59 wrath5728 Allegedly

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2022.01.23 20:59 EntertainmentMobile6 Buying Hyla Chinensis. Not Hyla Cinerea

Does anyone have any information on buying Hyla Chinensis Ive looked and looked online and cannot find anyone who breeds and or sells Hyla Chinensis. But have found many people selling Hyla Cinerea.
Reasons for Hyla Chinensis:

  1. Their small about 1 inch to 1.5 inches and can comfortably house a 15 gallon tank for such a small size
  2. They are very cute and wont be difficult to make hidey holes for them
3.Does not require a massive amount of food so I don't have to breed 15 batches of flightless fruit flies

If you can help or please give me some information it would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.23 20:59 DetransIS I hate what this toxic political conflict has done to me.

Back when I first detransitioned I called myself "ex-trans" because I didn't know how to describe myself anymore, I didn't understand why transition didn't work out for me especially when I showed all the signs and red flags of being trans.. yet it didn't work, I came to the realization I was just running from myself and that I couldn't truly change my sex. My paranoia of how others perceived me consumed me and even caused me to hallucinate issues that weren't really there.
I remember going to trans groups, feeling uncomfortable like I did when I was encouraged while I was trans but this time I forced myself to continue to participate. The discomfort never got any better but I started calling myself a retransitioner because of how "ex-trans" made trans people feel uncomfortable. I was just in a new stage of my transition, one where I was trying to go back to where it all began after all.. that's how I justified it. I wrote pieces about how I was in-between the world of cis and trans and how this led to feeling out of place. I didn't feel right being with trans women, trans men, or those that weren't trans and I wasn't comfortable or able to talk with those that never transitioned: I felt truly alone.
Yet I was abused by the trans community, particularly trans women who would end up causing me to become distressed about no longer looking like my biological sex, convinced that they were more woman, or female then me.. and it only got worse when I discovered I was "intersex" and told them, especially the fact I had a 46 XY karyotype. This immediately led to the trans community becoming very hostile toward me and making me feel even worse that transition just didn't work for me, numerous urges I had to shut down to just start taking testosterone again but I truly felt alone. Oh did I feel alone. I felt like a punching bag and I was not just ridiculed over my appearance of what I shared, constantly being reminded how trans women looked more female then I did and that I needed to try harder or maybe I was really a man, yet I wasn't. I tried and it failed and I suppressed all the urges to retransition to the point my discomfort of being pressured into femininity and looking and being treated a certain way came back. The distress over my body and how it was clearly wrong feeling for me.
Suffering from "reverse dysphoria" and "gender dysphoria" at the same time, was literal Hell. One moment I'd feel distressed over my biological sex, the next I'd feel distressed over not looking like or being perceived as my biological sex. It started to drive me insane and the trans community eventually became so abusive to the point I ended up getting a bit more hostile, especially learning that the crack I slipped through was now being expanded upon. I still tried to support trans people where I could, but it was never enough and my own experience as someone "inbetween" was erased.. Eventually I became suicidal.
Learning I wasn't alone curbed those urges and being taught that I didn't have to conform, that I didn't have to deal with toxic feminine stereotypes. Not to mention being accepted as a XY woman, not as a "biological trans woman" either, but actually being accepted as a woman despite being myself.. allowed me to eventually relax and lose my urges. My plan ended up failing because of a discord server specifically for detrans women, that despite having a CCSD/DSD and being "different" I was still helped and taught that I wasn't so different, I wasn't alone. I never drowned myself in the lake like I intended to.
I became a sort of ally to trans people again, despite being vocal about my concerns with children. Far more focused on the aspect of transitioning on minimal signs and neglecting to look into familial issues and trauma, this of course got me labeled transphobic. However it wasn't until I tried to learn more about "TERFs" and their arguments through debating on a more individual standpoint, that I'd be taught the levels of cruelty trans people can present. In a debate server I had words of mine, arguments taken out of context and eventually used as leverage to blackmail the present staff[including a mod-in-training myself] at the time. This led to me proposing I step down so the subreddit doesn't get terminated with me, I didn't want the place that saved me to go down because some of my words were being twisted.
Following that I became a stronger activist on other platforms, which led to losing my job and having my profile on various work platforms smeared with "TERF" and "transphobia." I was already struggling and the pay was far from perfect but now I was genuinely making nothing and this became problematic.
Yet no trans people offered their hand, I was met with venom and despite my stepping down - The reason I stepped down was twisted into arguing I was told to step down by Reddit themselves, or the mod team for being "transphobic" and this rumor got out of control. This caused my rage to spike as I couldn't properly defend myself, eventually it led to me breaking an agreement with the head moderator at the time and ending up banned for the subreddit's safety, trying to tell my story and convey what happened. Of course I'm still smeared as the "actively transphobic mod" despite being the original moderator who would shut down so-called GC allies for getting genuinely hateful and attacking questioners and trans people as a whole. I'd question the decisions to let certain people go without punishment, yet I was treated as if I were the person saying these vile things.
As time passed I eventually was offered my position back, but things had changed me and made me far more cynical and cold toward the idea of transitioning. I barely supported the idea and I started to take on the idea that this band-aid, despite seeming to work for some people is no treatment. Yet an actual cure, understanding is suppressed in terms of research and any attempts to bring awareness to this are shut down with bunk studies that don't hold any weight on the matter yet are treated like the authority. Many people go on and on about transition is so proven to help people, yet they discount the matter that the affirmative method only started in roughly 2014, there's no long term studies on the matter and even a majority of the short term studies are flawed in their methodology.
Now I've become far more distant and colder, my drive to prevent others from becoming as messed up as I am both mentally and physically was at its highest. I do what I can to try and safeguard this space while letting people get their anger and pain outwards, anger and pain that are silenced on other supposed "support" subreddits. Yet here we are, treated like the villains of this story and even accused of being roleplayers and making up our painful experiences because people don't want to acknowledge this really happens.
So naturally, I've become a lot more colder on this and less phased by the insults. Am I a monster? A bad guy? I don't know, nor do I care anymore. Transphobia means nothing to me anymore, calling me a bigot won't phase me and my business venture was destroyed by "TERF" so that won't phase me either, especially with how watered down that acronym has become. I also deal with one particular ban dodger who happens to be trans feminine that makes endless alts to harass people on this subreddit, they've also attempted to doxx me and harass members on the discord server including myself. Report after report both to Discord and Reddit and nothing is done, naturally I'm becoming colder as we are portrayed as the villains in this story.
Kindness and empathy will only get you so far, with the trans community it seems to get you no where anymore and they're not open to any discussion with us. They've stated countless times they want to remove every moderator here and pick their own moderators, they want to control us.. and that's how I see it anymore. So naturally, I have become colder and I will probably only become colder and colder as this persists, until we finally get seen for the real issue we are in this very experimental treatment that has very little research backing it.
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2022.01.23 20:59 PastelAndBraindead "Day Dreamer" Dress Completed (info in comments)

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