eh8ni 92tr4 d4r29 5a83i 9k66z 55f9n nezkt 8kes4 8yskf sehn6 tnfnh 5faaf nnka4 79bas 68aki h6rth ibzsr 6iz7i 5i3ek raita 4n954 Plano City Council Preview - January 24, 2022 |

Plano City Council Preview - January 24, 2022

2022.01.23 20:43 ShelbyHWilliams Plano City Council Preview - January 24, 2022

Special Joint Meeting with City Council and the Planning & Zoning Commission starting at 3:00 PM.
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2022.01.23 20:43 Ikariajk05 My new guppies. Why type are they?

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2022.01.23 20:43 JennyWChan TREND ON CG AND ON CRYPTO

Hello, I am the owner of a large marketing community that makes coins appear in the trend list according to the period desired by the customer, and for the sake of confidence, you can request an experiment for an hour when you want. The cost for a CG for 24 hours is $1,200. The cost for a CRYPTO for a period of 6 hours is $750. Hope to get your reply as soon as possible
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2022.01.23 20:43 SelfLast Would anyone vote for dungeoneering if jagex added as a skill in osrs? I think this would be awesome. Was the only new skill I appreciated.

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2022.01.23 20:43 Adof_TheMinerKid My own design of Super BF (not much of a difference from Sonic . EXE's Super BF)

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2022.01.23 20:43 angelnamedtia Another happy client ๐Ÿ˜Š

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2022.01.23 20:43 endogamiccolonialman Any ideas about how much would this take (currently)?

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2022.01.23 20:43 Frangifer An Excursio @ Whirtle Gallutirtle Irtlier

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2022.01.23 20:43 okitschiIdishgambino 300 pound man crying over the rules of an 100 year old game. He needs to seek help

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2022.01.23 20:43 treestick Cutting one's head off is really cutting one's body off

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2022.01.23 20:43 Phoenixnephew [Academic] Hi, Iโ€™m a grad student conducting a survey on civic engagement for a data analysis class. Iโ€™d really appreciate if you could spare 5 minutes to take this brief survey! Thanks!

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2022.01.23 20:43 prettyitalianmama Selling content or looking for a SD. 25F from Oh

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2022.01.23 20:43 pacoelfurro Faces

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2022.01.23 20:43 Plinko321 Kamov Ka-32 Orange and Blues

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2022.01.23 20:43 kkager8 Mass Effect First Time Playthrough. Come say hi and/or give me tips. Iโ€™ll follow back :)

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2022.01.23 20:43 GameCollector98 Would RF cause static sound over all other sounds?

I ordered a composite adapter, waiting on it to come in. The guy I got the jag from said he tried composite and it did the same thing. He replaced REG1 and all caps, but said it still persisted.
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2022.01.23 20:43 -Sh33ph3rd3r- Can I use this coin to pay in Turkey? I'm confused about the new/old lira.

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2022.01.23 20:43 brown-hairedsunfish Infusible ink coasters with easy press mini?

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2022.01.23 20:43 Arimeris Looking for ideas to "show" the backstory of a character in my text

Imagine a police officer about 10 years before retirement who used to be all about the action, work in the field, helping people and who gets into an accident that costs them their leg, doesn't recover well, gets prosthetics and is now basically only a desk jockey, unhappy and frustrated. Their marriage and relationship to their children suffers because the police officer cannot get used to being disabled (not fully like they need to be taken care of, just disabled enough to not be the "hero" anymore)
That's basically the backstory of a character of mine and I am looking for elegant ways to tell (or rather show it). I don't wanna rely on flashbacks or them telling their own story to someone, I think I can do better but I cannot think of good ways to show the backstory manifesting in behaviour in the present, I hope you know that I mean by that, English is not my mother tongue. So, any ideas would be much appreciated!
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2022.01.23 20:43 sw4gdotcom i shouldve sized down :^( send help

bought these brand new never worn jadon boots second hand for a way cheaper price than at my local department store in my size (7 in women's) but when i walk it feels really weird because there's so much space in my heel. my toes are pretty snug in the boot and they have some breathing room but the HEEL of the shoe is just free real estate. i've been layering my socks to fit comfortably in the shoe and it works but im scared i'm stretching out the boot even more since they're brand new and need to be broken in and stuff. i'm saving up for some insoles but idk if they'll be very effective (ive never bought insoles before).
tl;dr i bought brand new jadons but there's too much space in the heels. should i stop layering my socks and wait for insoles or should i sell my boots and use the money to get a size down? thx in advance
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2022.01.23 20:43 AJANtheASIAN FT: Shiny Zamazenta Codes | LF: Offers

Still plenty of leftover Zamazenta codes. Let me know how many codes you want (I'll put the limit at 5 per person for now) and what you're willing to give in return.
Please be reasonable with offers. I do prefer Shiny Legends or other Shiny or Event mons, especially Shiny Zacian as I do not have SHIELD. I haven't had time to play a lot recently so I would also be willing to trade for some other cool or unique mons/aprimons (i.e. aprimon HA Alolan starters, legends I wasn't able to catch yet in the DLC, etc).
As I recently got BDSP I'll also be willing to get some mons there if preferred. Not very picky, I'll take in mons and/or items as long as I think they're cool and reasonable.
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2022.01.23 20:43 AluminiumGnat Smug Towa

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2022.01.23 20:43 hskejd Money disappearing fast from project wallet

In the last 5 days, more than 100 millions MIMs have disappeared from the project wallet. To avoid the big drop in treasury balance, they moved 80 millions in bsgg tokens in.
There are now:
18M Mims in avalanche
Treasury is draining money, it wonโ€™t be able to support anymore price drops soon as that will mean start liquidating other investments.
Avoid, save your money and keep track of the wallet
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2022.01.23 20:43 Paltod My results and me

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2022.01.23 20:43 bizziebangers Remixed Don Toliver - No Idea

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