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Nicolas Dominique - Sonnenaufgang

2022.01.23 20:40 NowIveAwoken Nicolas Dominique - Sonnenaufgang

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2022.01.23 20:40 unknownxxv i hate my family

I just need to vent a bit as i can’t say this in front of them. My Great Granda was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer back in January 2021 and for around 7 months he was doing great you wouldn’t even be able to tell he had cancer then he took a turn for the worst after my granda told him he he cancer. so my family had tried to spend as much time as we could with him (me and my mum) then the rest of the family started to organise days out to make and create long lasting memories but didn’t invite us( i’m not saying they should feel forced to, but when the reason there all going out was to spend time w my granda it’s understandable to be pissed) but they continued doing this depriving me and my mother from spending time with him as when he got back he would nap as he was exhausted. When he got even worse my granny put him into mcmillan for a few days and we all had allocated slots to visit him, So me my mum and my granny went up to only run into my aunt and cousin they mentioned they’d been there for six hours and by the time we went in there he was exhausted even for his own wife(only allowed to visit before meals) and don’t get wrong i completely understand visiting him but when he’s to tired for his own wife because of them it’s a bit far. They went up to their house every single day exhausting him. When he passed in September they stopped visiting as much. it just makes me feel bad for my granny it just made it look like their only there for granda. there so selfish and i just can’t stand them.
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2022.01.23 20:40 formerlydasmus newish player looking for vanilla server

started playing recently, looking to join an early-mid game world with at least a few consistent players. i’ll make you delicious stews and meads. pm me here for disc!
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2022.01.23 20:40 Bubblicious3 My honorary hamster! 🥰

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2022.01.23 20:40 29996 Death guard in mk6?

Quick question, how would you feel about death guard in mk6 armor? Their preferred armor is mk2 and 3, but they used mk4 aswell (Garro) and the mk5 on forgeworld used to be the death guard scheme.
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2022.01.23 20:40 nichtwarum What's the craziest thing you have done to win an argument?

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2022.01.23 20:40 Lagooooooon [Discussion] Is Carlton Davis worse than N'Keal Harry?

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2022.01.23 20:40 PsychologicalCake511 Really need a relationship advice for what to do now, pls

Me and my boyfriend are dating for 1,5 year. I am 19 and he is 20.We really love each other till this day, we both know and feel that for sure. From looking outside he is really the perfect guy. He is nice to everyone he has a nice heart, he is really gentleman, he goes to one of the best universities in the world, he has a really nice family. Their family really the perfect family and they don't have a lot of family dramas. I am fine too but my life is a little bit more complicated than that. My parents aren't together and they both are married which is fine but sometimes I have a lot of problems with my mom for other reasons. I consider myself very strong for what I have been through and that's why relationship problems, fights can be harder for him to go through because he didn't saw a lot of problems in his life. During the summer I had a lot of problems to deal with. Usually I am really good at coping but last summer I felt really bad mentally but my bf was always there for me and he helped me get through everything. But (I think) because of my vulnerability we were always arguing over little things and then they got big. But he was always patient and he tried to make me understand that I was causing the problems. Eventually I agreed that it was my mental state that were causing the problems but with time I felt better and like myself, strong again. Sadly, for the las month we started fighting again. But this time he is really impatient, angry and aggressive during the fights or when we talk about our problems in general. He also accepted that he is impatient because of our past fights, he says he is tired. But this time I feel like we are fighting because of his anger. I try my best because I know that he tried his best. But this time I think it's really damaging us. (Our fights are not about jealousy or someone else kind of stuffs we are always good at agreeing at big stuff, but like I said we are fighting about little things and then they became bigger.) So 2 days ago that happened again but this time I felt like he never sees how much I try to make things work and blames me for everything. Even when I apologized to him (which was hard for me while he is that mad), he got mad again and said 'ARE YOU JOKING, YOU ARE NOT EVEN APOLOGIZING IN RIGHT THING'. So that's why I get sad and the next 2 days waited for him to say he is sorry and thanks me for my hard work. And he didn't and then got angry again with me because I was still not over that. Now we are fine, he says that he just needs some time without arguing because he is feeling overwhelmed and he remembers the other times too. I don't know how to break this cycle of fighting because I really tried the last to be patient, understanding and all but it didn't worked. I feel like he sees me bad no matter how much I try and that's damages me too. I tried to tell everything clearly as much as possible, but what should I do or am I still the problem and doing something wrong?? But like I said I feel good on my own. If you can give any advice I would be really grateful :)
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2022.01.23 20:40 bernit_ If Marie was a pokemon trainer which pokemon do you think would be on her team? [Art Update]

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2022.01.23 20:40 rgbgracie_ new to dodo codes!

I’ve never travelled with dodo codes (no online friends 🥺) and am trying to visit other peoples islands! I only have peaches, pears, tomatoes, and pumpkins so I’d love to collect some more fruit and veggie plants!
Message me ur codes 🤩 thanks in advance!
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2022.01.23 20:40 TheNotoriousJN [Krawczynski] Patrick Beverley is out tonight, per Finch

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2022.01.23 20:40 Stratiform New take on a classic Lions meme. I'm super happy to see Stafford winning in the playoffs. Congrats, from Detroit.

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2022.01.23 20:40 akochraum Marmorkuchen Klassisches Rezept | Rührkuchen

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2022.01.23 20:40 Bigbootybanjo not sure if just shy/awkward or have social anxiety

Not sure if I 34f have social anxiety. I've wondered before if I might have it but never really done much about it.
My boyfriend has social anxiety and since getting on meds and doing some therapy is in a much better place. He also quit drinking and smoking and exercises regularly now. When we met I would never have guessed he has social anxiety. He came across as a bit mellow maybe introverted but not socially anxious. He suggested to me that I may have it.
I have no friends. At work I have some coworkers that I'm friendly with but nobody I spend time with outside of work but also I wouldn't want to anyways. We stayed overnight at bfs friends cottage with a large group of his friends. I was very nervous and barely talked unless someone asked me a question. I've declined my bfs invites to hang out with his friends subsequently due to nerves and fear that they dont/wont like me. I avoid my roommates frequently but am able to make small talk from time to time. My roommates have indicated to me that they dont feel like Im integrated into the house dynamic. At work I dont speak up a lot which in combination with working in a very male-dominated field causes people to see me as incompetent or not being as capable. As a kid I would piss myself in grades 1 and 2 because I was too scared to raise my hand and ask to use the bathroom.
On the otherhand, I used to teach ESL small group classes max 8 and one-on-one classes. I had some anxiety doing this but somewhow it wasnt too bad. I've never really had a ton of anxiety about presenting. my anxiety is more about personal interactions. When I was teaching I was putting on a persona in a sense which I think is why i was able to do it.
So I'm not sure if I have SA or not. Also I'm not sure if anything will really fix it. My boyfriend has had a lot of success with treating his and comes across as pretty normal in social situations from what Ive seen. However Im skeptical for me because his med is escitalopram which i myself have taken (for depression) and had no effect on my SA or shyness. Also Im skeptical of talk therapy. Its also very expensive. Finding a doctor is also complicated where I live especially in the pandemic.
What should I do?
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2022.01.23 20:40 Such-Tune5832 New Pupper - Luna

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2022.01.23 20:40 TheSilverKing97 Tip for those on PC wanting to play at 30FPS

I have settings to mirror the Series X quality mode, with textures at extreme because ultra still looks bad. It had really bad latency on the post benchmark screen (140-160) when I was using the ingame frame cap method, but after capping with Nvidia Control Panel to 30fps (all other settings at default) it cuts the latency to ~75, which feels significantly better to me. Just thought I’d share. I assume Radeon has the same sort of driver level frame capping.
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2022.01.23 20:40 JWF81 2015 Expedition EL with Sync navigation, can I just plug and play a new map SD card, the A12?

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2022.01.23 20:40 itsyaboibitchard [serious] Can you get trauma from a tv show?

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2022.01.23 20:40 MarcoDark55 De novo lá no r/perfectlycutscreams não sei colocar imagem na foto

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2022.01.23 20:40 LeftEgg8891 Graduating senior not knowing how to make the most of my last few months here

A lot of things have gone well for me here that I'm very grateful for: received and accepted a job offer for after graduation, kept a good GPA, graduating with little debt thanks to scholarships and internships. I'm already done with all my graduation requirements so I only planned to take 2 classes for fun and a decal to try to have a stress free last few months before entering the workforce. But seeing many of friends around me still working hard, I feel like I'm not making the most of my time here with that schedule. Freshman me would've probably loved to be able to take a light courseload but now I feel like I'm going to regret not doing more.
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2022.01.23 20:40 InsertPoptropicaName Gaolose Jobsalot

that is all.
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2022.01.23 20:40 tomph24 Any ideas how I'm not getting double items?

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2022.01.23 20:40 freegrapes Is it normal not noticing being cut?

I often find cuts on myself after work and not knowing when I got them.
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2022.01.23 20:40 Cheeseburger42070 Anyone Know who this is? Or who he is?

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2022.01.23 20:40 Any_Time97 change, confusion, impostor syndrome and not having a career goal

Shifting career paths confussion
Ppl of Reddit I (26 M) need your help and advice. So I am a major in Law with a master’s degree. I often questioned if choosing Law was right and I often regretted not pursuing my curiosity for psychology (at that moment I thought psy wouldn’t provide me enough financial comfort). After graduating Law school I studied pretty hard for the bar exam and tried to pass it two years in a row. Even tho I sacrificed a lot for the exam I kinda knew deep down (yet never admitted) that being a lawyer is not my goal but it’s a really good safety thing to have and I always said it’s important to pass the exam and eventually I will figure later if this is really what I want to do. Meanwhile failing the bar exam for the second time I accepted a job as programmer, with no experience trying to learn on the go. I needed the money. The vibe at work is really cool, the money for the moment is better than anything I could think of at the right now. But I don’t know if i want this to be my career path. And ofc I would love to have my own business, that would actually be the dream. But ofc I have no ideea what business should I start. Everywhere everyone is saying that one should pursue his goal/dream career but I don’t have such thing and is driving me crazy. I am somewhere between trying to enjoy exploring IT dev possibilities and feeling guilty for not trying harder in Law field. I know there’s nobody to choose what’s right for me. And the fact that “is not ok to be average at a lot of stuff, but is is necessary to be really good at one thing “ is so f scary. Please help
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