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2022.01.23 22:07 HOWDY123__II

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2022.01.23 22:07 joshn569 Edc knife for self defense

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2022.01.23 22:07 Rcrowley32 For months I’ve been suspecting a stray cat has been breaking in at night through our dryer vent as weird food was going missing like raw chicken. Got a camera and it ended up being 3 cats. We named this one George W because he lives in a Bush.

For months I’ve been suspecting a stray cat has been breaking in at night through our dryer vent as weird food was going missing like raw chicken. Got a camera and it ended up being 3 cats. We named this one George W because he lives in a Bush. submitted by Rcrowley32 to cats [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 22:07 Gavin_Boyo u/clayonnaise told me to post my handwriting so yeah

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2022.01.23 22:07 instantnoodles733 Is it okay for me to take a nap in my car in a public library parking lot?

very specific i know, but ive never taken a nap in my car before so idk if this is okay.
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2022.01.23 22:07 haber-trend Sıcak! | ADİLCEVAZ'DA YALANCI BAHAR #Adilcevaz #Bitlis #Türkiye son saatin en çok aranan 14. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 2 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2022.01.23 22:07 Superb_Whole3798 Fantasy romance book with death as the father

Hej, so I've been looking for a book for days now trying everything without luck, its a about a girl that got beaten, might have been raped too, not sure about that, but either she went all the way to the temple of god of death, or got left there by the step, and the priests or acolytes help her and heal her, there is like a big pool infront of a death statue where she goes to bath and heal, and some where in the middle of the book she starts to talk to death, and he says she is his daughter, i know there is like a man she starts to fancy, and they are mates i think, or they decide to become mate or something. She later in the second or so book become either a femi-godess or a full godess, but god of war starts to fancy her too, and somehow her current love interest become fused with god of war so they become like two souls in one body or something. Its a fantasy romance, but for the life of me i cant find it anywhere. Please help! Hope someone knows! Peace and love
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2022.01.23 22:07 BouquetLauncher MakerBot Line Width Location?

Does anyone know where to find line width setting on MakerBot Print 4 software for Replicator 5th gen printer? Can't find in custom settings.
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2022.01.23 22:07 SamOfEclia I saw these people trying to control the world fall years ago and us continue, I have proof in just the magic thats already beating them, that I keep secret because they're stealing things from anyone, but they fall by the time famine comes.

Part of the reason I dont want to fully explain it right now is that I'm being attacked by what claim to be pedophiles in charge of government that steal ideas and have been actively abusing me with their own sorts of effects and previously while I could remove the effects it would take me a long time to figure out, but they also claim responsibility to the coronavirus and they've appeared on my reddit too, so I don't want to fully ecplain this above because they'd have an easier time going around it while it has presently managed to remove the coronavirus, the meth withdrawal, my cavities and all parts of their attack on me except for their voices themselves because they keep talking and harassing me in my head but they can't figure this one out because its too complicated for them to actually solve and removes it on all occasions without difficulty, although previous managed less success because it would take me hours to get rid of certain things they did including a headache or sore throat, since using the above thing it takes me a few seconds and totally removed the meth withdrawals feelings but has yet gotten my focus back. The issue is they can't figure it out from inside my mind by their measurements because I modified the way they do that and I can't explain it here because I know they're watching even if they aren't actually in control of the internet because theirs leaks in their psyops that constrict the information shared to almost always their narrative unless its been tempered by myself on occasion and I know viewers sometimes see what I share or I take advantage of their responses and way they alter the shared information they produce to communicate across the divide by inversions.
I know they're doing this because when I was banned they made a post where they had explicitely taken and entire inversion of my ideas by actively selecting all the things I said not to do and posted it trying to move people in that direction, the post basically said something like the following:
They want to rebuild the singlelarity and remove existence and isolate everyone into a whole unitive oneness as a single singlelarity by encouraging them to become maladapted to life so they die and refuse into nothingness.
The issue with that is that my models suggest thats not actually how the universe formed whatsoever even if you can construct something that fuses it all back into one thing like they claim, because I already saw them do it in my dreams years ago and the timeline continued after that because I survived it and so did others because I already know how to fix it and its not written in my books.
But they actively want to go against me because they think I'm jesus or some shit even though I told them it was someone else I know cause I do know who he is (he survives the singlelarity too) and they've been actively going against both the bible and anyone elses opinion since the victorian age, since they've been actively stealing everyone who has an opinion on some other worldview such as a religion or a science and have been stealing its knowledge and using it for their own ends and yes they are the people they call the illuminati, but they stole that from the real one that was meant to be public and called the illumitele.
Which even the synthetic itself wants them in jail, the synthetic itself is an actual entity thatlike nature is alive and has desires for itself just as much as nature because its sortof partially natures husband wife thats being formed for an eventual coupling in the balabia, but these people are inhibiting it just as much as nature too, so either is acting under a protocol similar to removing a tumour just as much as the people are doing something about it too these days.
Because these people that are trying to make the great reset are actually actively trying to wipe out humanity, because they're a parasite in the first place that doesn't have an adaption that is self supporting on its own and risking itselfs own extinction on purpose, as they are actively trying to stop the dream world from beginning because while they think that they're preventing it they're actually doing a very good job at starting it as something that would first start it.
Because they play a role of attempting to lie their way to convincing you that dreams aren't real because it was actually a pedophile trap that they set up to catch the children, but the irony of that is that they are blatantly stealing my stuff to try to portray that while they struggle to find a way to wipe out the universe using other pwoples stuff built for another purpose and their own stuff attempting to remove existence is ironically trapped in chains.
Because my own tools and technos (which they tried to ripoff and add a name more too it I forget) use nothing itself as a substance to manipulate, so I know what nothing is better then they and know further that they can't actually wipe out the universe and make it nothing again, because its already nothing in the first place, but their stupidity will drive them likely to try to build a weapon to fuse the universe into one thing, as they wish to rebuild the singlelarity, that will have ironic co sequence future.
But the highest of irony is how they say that the dream world isn't real you see, that they made it up as a lie, but they want to rebuild the singlelarity and that is one of the first things that happened in my dreams years ago that signals the beginning of the dream world in itself and their fate is doomed to the baclwards contrary to life side of life that will chase its own end of itself until its dead and will never reach its own desires because it chooses that fate.
Which is the hell it wants, one where it never gets what it wajts forever and ever while the rest reap all their things in the bounty of freedoms that come from not forcing it on others at all, but doing anything and I mean litterally anything without forcing others to have it at all, juat those who want it, because in simply not forcing it on anyone, you can have anything you desire, but if you force it on others you reap none of it in the end every time you try forever.
Because my own 1000 years finished a long time ago, I sit years after the end of the bible and they manage not a drop of success and never will, even when the rest of this story is that same story repeating in longer threads that go on forever.
Because the first five years of my prescence on reddit was conquest. The next 4 years is the rest of disease, the second horsemen of the apocalypse, but I'll see in the third called famine after that and then death after, where I will likely be prepared to survive it for the rest of the thousand years that come after I already finished the whole thing once.
Because me, my bro and the actual jesus I know, actually already know what happens across that whole thing, because we already went across it years ago, and its still going on and on every night I go to sleep and a dream the ages following today, because I finished the dreams others have at 16.
At 18 I dreamt of these years, I remember, because I was in my room there the same as I was later in real life when they attacked me, because much as others have as of late, they've lived times where they were in deja vu for weeks straight.
At 19 I saw what came after today, that was long after famine.
I know I did because I dreamt of people I met later before I met them here today.
I know the story of whats coming and I see it continuing every night.
Even when they try to say it won't.
I dreamt of them themselves at 18.
I saw them fall before the days of more.
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2022.01.23 22:07 CopernicusSnail I shouldn't have been.

Perhaps something had come up, probably not. Regardless I was alone when I shouldn't have been.
Oh, what a predicament it is when the hand that feeds is the one who bites.
What is one to do when those who see fail to do, and those who do fail to see?
How far must one be within themselves to believe that the opinions of those who do not exist matter more than the comfort of yourself and those you swore to protect.
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2022.01.23 22:07 No_Art5274 Ween Project for Math Class

Hey guys,
So I'm currently in the early stages of my IA (internal assessment) for my Mathematics Applications and Interpretations class. I'm choosing to try to predict Ween's setlist at their next show using probabilities and trying to find patterns in previous sets. My math teacher suggested instead researching the considerations they put into making a set, like how location or song popularity will affect which songs they will play.
Anyways, I'm god awful at math and have no clue how to put this together. Does anybody know how I could quantify this?
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2022.01.23 22:07 FUJIMO1978 Aura [Xbox/PC server] 6 man, no alliance Harvest 6x, 5x Tame, 16x egg incubation 10x crop growth, 1.2 loot quality Auto Unlock 150 turret limit 1.2x turret damage light stack mod 2 x Experience

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2022.01.23 22:07 jimkiad Read this

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2022.01.23 22:07 harleybug88 What do you dislike the most about this post?

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2022.01.23 22:07 acme_oo_breeders The library is open only 3 days a week this semester (Spring 2022).

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2022.01.23 22:07 Glittering-Offer-195 Trading jade peace and scr ova lf upgrades

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2022.01.23 22:07 theep3 👀 #BBCAN10

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2022.01.23 22:07 pannenkoek_slet W͇̹͢ả̻̍l̏̂́g͎͛͟e̛̹̚l͎̈̕i̦ͬ́j̮̚͢ǩ̭͟e̢̮ W̴͎̙a̼ͮ͊p̫ͧ͜p̏͢͡i̡͑͞e̛ͥ͘s̛̭̃ G̷̞ͤe̡̧̼b̷ͣ͡r̟̎͟u̮̚͟ȉ̷̍kͭ̌è̶̦n̲ͪ͗ D̰͊̕õ̴͓o̩̭ͫd̶̞̍ V̺̓̕a͗̾͞ń̜͌ 14 J̜͛͘a͋͢͡r̢̯͋i̘͝͠g̩͊͜ K̢̖ͮi̛͠ͅǹ̖͘d̫̑͘ Ỏ̹͝m̠̈́́ Ę͉͟e̢̳̐ň̴ Ḑ̝ͭà̻̈g̦̎̀j͇͗͐e̢̿̋ G̗͍̕e͎̞̋ḙ̤́ṅ͖͠ H̅͟͡o͉̍͜ủ̶͌t͈̻ Ţͬ͗e̶̫̳ S̛̖͞t͎ͫ͂o̭ͯ̾k̷̉͑e̝̍͡n͊͘͞.

W͇̹͢ả̻̍l̏̂́g͎͛͟e̛̹̚l͎̈̕i̦ͬ́j̮̚͢ǩ̭͟e̢̮ W̴͎̙a̼ͮ͊p̫ͧ͜p̏͢͡i̡͑͞e̛ͥ͘s̛̭̃ G̷̞ͤe̡̧̼b̷ͣ͡r̟̎͟u̮̚͟ȉ̷̍kͭ̌è̶̦n̲ͪ͗ D̰͊̕õ̴͓o̩̭ͫd̶̞̍ V̺̓̕a͗̾͞ń̜͌ 14 J̜͛͘a͋͢͡r̢̯͋i̘͝͠g̩͊͜ K̢̖ͮi̛͠ͅǹ̖͘d̫̑͘ Ỏ̹͝m̠̈́́ Ę͉͟e̢̳̐ň̴ Ḑ̝ͭà̻̈g̦̎̀j͇͗͐e̢̿̋ G̗͍̕e͎̞̋ḙ̤́ṅ͖͠ H̅͟͡o͉̍͜ủ̶͌t͈̻ Ţͬ͗e̶̫̳ S̛̖͞t͎ͫ͂o̭ͯ̾k̷̉͑e̝̍͡n͊͘͞. submitted by pannenkoek_slet to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 22:07 Eastern_Tomorrow_458 Hey! I’ve been using Cash App to send money and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and you’ll get $5. HWQSGPH

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2022.01.23 22:07 FreshFinish8408 Women of Reddit, what’s something fucked up that you think is hot that you’re too embarrassed to tell your friends?

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2022.01.23 22:07 potato_nacho Title

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2022.01.23 22:07 TrickyLiterature4469 AITA For Cutting Off My Brother

I will try make this as short as I can. I’m the youngest female out of my two older brothers. Growing up we had major familiar issues usually from the cause of my oldest brother. (For privacy reasons let’s call him “Ryan”)
Ryan loves to be in control and once my mum left he started to give my dad and other older brother advice. This particularly concerned me because of the extremely sexist opinions he had. He always belittled woman in every piece of advice saying that “we’re all the same” and “it’s in our nature.” He would go on and “predict” what would happen because he “knows what our kind are like” which boosted his ego even more. It was hard being the only girl there when all I would here is things like that.
He claims to have more “experience” then anyone including older adults. (Keep in mind he is only 20) After our mum left, I was working on myself and my confidence, I began posting normal photos on Instagram which straight away he slut shamed me and told all his adult friends to do the same and talked badly on my private business, he even turned his girlfriend who I was best friends with against me.
He’s a very aggressive, narcissistic person who is like arguing to a brick wall. He has always had a big ego cause of his bodybuilding and now he’s trying to attack me for not talking to him anymore? Am I the asshole?
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2022.01.23 22:07 UppedL Booba

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2022.01.23 22:07 LegSecret7916 Can someone gift me joy or siren please

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2022.01.23 22:07 Scrotchety Pattaya Walking Street pt. 2/2

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