[World] - Jury selected for Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking trial | NZ Herald

2021.11.29 14:48 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Jury selected for Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking trial | NZ Herald

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2021.11.29 14:48 SureTextERT Pitbulls Are Freaking Awesome

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2021.11.29 14:48 godblessedtexas 52 Children Found Their Forever Home on Tarrant County National Adoption Day 2021

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2021.11.29 14:48 No_Geologist_1826 Another good read from Nicolas Otieno at Blockchain.News "Telos Launches Most Powerful EVM And Combats Insider Trading in Crypto Market"

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2021.11.29 14:48 SMH24679 Winning a game is 60% luck, 30% being good at the game and 10% having a sick team

It doesn’t matter how good you are at fifa sometimes EA just doesn’t want you to win. You can make every tackle you want and the ball will go back to your opponent. You can have many chances as you want you’ll still miss but your opponent goes and gets one identical opportunity and they will score. Fifa has been like this since 19 it’s BS most games just coke down to luck being on your side. The 10% of having a good team only really applies if you’ve got the best of the best in the game, like R9, but still luck factors. into it you could do 10 icon sbcs and get no one usable but someone else can do one get a player like cruyff who you can just have no counter for.
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2021.11.29 14:48 Coolguy67676 Has anyone with my problem or a similar problem ever had it resolved?

I think I made a post about this a few weeks back but I've since deleted most of my reddit posts. I tried to sign up for Mturk a few weeks ago, and before I could even "sign up" or even input and information to sign up with I was immediately brought to a page where it said "There is a problem with your Amazon Mechanical Turk account This account has been suspended by the Amazon Mechanical Turk team." Obviously this is a faulty suspension as I have never even signed up for mturk before. This was after I went to the mturk website and tried signing in using my pre-existing amazon account. I've went through their mturk appeal support email and have tried messaging turkopticon support as well to no avail. The only hopeful thing is that the support person I messaged from turkopticon said that she had other cases like mine and she think's its a problem at amazon. I was just curious if anyone else has/had this issue and if anyone has had it resolved? Thanks.
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2021.11.29 14:48 angrymum44 I do kinda like the new sitting feature though...

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2021.11.29 14:48 raaner12 El Ayuntamiento de Madrid buscará invertir parte del presupuesto 2022 en desarrollo blockchain

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2021.11.29 14:48 shto Mick Tagger app – Keyboard shortcuts for quick add to a Spotify playlist

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2021.11.29 14:48 ejvprx What’s your go to song when you’re high?

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2021.11.29 14:48 NotTalcon Cannot aim repair tool in Nightbird passenger seat

Is this a thing we should expect fixed sometime eventually? Is there a trick to consistent repairs? Come on now.
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2021.11.29 14:48 Elvis-Mclaughlin Struggling with finding a career. Can anyone help me with getting something please?

Ok so starting with interest strengths and skills
Amateur repair in auto eltronics an various home aspects
Reading drawing tinkering cooking mythology
Ability to hold interest
Fakin niceness. If I don't like someone/thing it's pretty noticeable even when I try to take it
Best work by myself with destinated task
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2021.11.29 14:48 Lazy_Seaweed If it was the guy who had breasts and produced milk, would that help nuclear families together more than as is?

I don’t know how this would work biologically because the woman would still carry the baby in this situation or how the body would know he shot his shot and not into a tissue. Pheromones from staying with the same pregnant woman the entire time maybe? Still more curious about the breast feeding thing.
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2021.11.29 14:48 wing6781 Follow up on the Metropolis Map Suggestion. POIS Design and Naming Ideas with Pictures Examples.

Follow up on the Metropolis Map Suggestion. POIS Design and Naming Ideas with Pictures Examples. First of all thank you guys for supporting and upvoting the first thread, I didn’t imagine it would blow up like that. your support and comments made it to a couple of gaming sites. I read most of the comments and welcomed the different opinions regarding this. Thanks for your awesome feedback and I hope in this final thread I can shed more light on how this metropolis map could look like, throwing in ideas for POI design and names with Pictures examples for all of us to discuss and to also address some of the concerns that I read in the comments.
Again thank you guys, you are awesome <3
Addressing Concerns. Now to address some of the comments in the first thread:
  • You mean Olympus?
Olympus is not a metropolis, it is maybe close to a semi urban city and leaning more towards a rich people resort area. The elements of Olympus and the whole design of it is so far from what a full metropolis would look like. Lore wise its some sort of a floating small land / relaxing luxurious resort of rich people that happens to house Tech Research facilities as well.
A metropolis word definition wise is (A major city together with its suburbs and nearby cities, towns, and environs over which the major city exercises a commanding economic and social influence).
Camping Concerns and Legends Meta. A metropolis does not mean very closed spaces and only buildings (all fragment map), depending on how the map is designed and zones closings there is always going to be open spaces outside of buildings, roads and smaller structures and POIS.
A metropolis can hold closed and opened spaces alike, Roads, alleys, small towns and districts all enclosed in one full big urban city.
For example, you can have in a metropolis a place like a Hotel or an area of a shopping center with buildings yes but also opened outer spaces of parking for example, roads, smaller structures, connected alleys and so on with each structure having its own distinct theme and look.
The main thing here is the enclosure that all this is in a one big cityscape, NOT mixed and devoid of all nature terrains and elements like waterfalls, lush greenery spaces (e.g Olympus) or mountains, green hills (e.g world’s edge) or wildlife, nature terrains (KC, Stormpoint). Just a skybox, concrete roads and structures.
This would balance out the other heavily natured themed maps of KC-WE-SP and create something new and totally different looking world for the game and would really compliment a lot of sci-fi elements of apex and the roots of titanfall world imo. Not to mention it would also play differently due to more verticality in the map design and can maybe shake up the pick rate of some of the barely used legends.
When it comes to legends balancing in a metropolis. If the map is designed correctly with each legend ability in mind, all legends classes would see benefit from it. It will give a boost to Defense Legends to be more viable holding areas in small alleys or inside buildings yes but also Mobility Legends would still be viable moving from one district/building area to another, faster rotations, gaining heights and having more flanking options like normal.
Respawn have talented map and level designers and they can surely pull this off in the best shape possible if they wanted. and will do it way better than other games who tried similar approaches imo.
Recon legends would gain benefit of having easier and more scanning results, and for open spaces and roads ultimates like Gibby and Bangalore will always have an upper hand outside of building areas, open spaces and denying defensive teams holding high grounds like usual just like the current maps.
And lets not forget No map is going to be perfect, all will have its advantages and disadvantages and if the player is a camper it doesn’t matter if he’s behind a rock or inside a building, he will camp anything he can hide behind and rat it out.
KC has problems, so is WE, Olympus and SP. But with true attention to designing details you can negate a lot of these problems as much as you can and create any type of map that would serve all legends classes almost equally as much as possible. Legends like Caustic or Wattson would be crazy in this type of map yes but so is Pathfinder and Horizon. So imo if designed correctly all legends will have their places to shine in this type of map and any problem can have a solution when it comes to designing anything from the ground up and if something didn't work from the first time, the usual map updates that respawn do can solve detected problems.
Lore Concerns. Some commented saying that lore wise a metropolis does not exist in that shape or form in the “outlands” of the titnafall/apex world. But lets not forget that in the end it’s a written story and Respawn have very talented lore writers, they can easily and creatively create a background story, planet, area, legends that would serve this to be viable “if they wanted”. The apex world is not set in stone, it’s still growing and evolving story wise.
Any sci-fi written world can be added to and changed with respect to its core story. It’s the future, so anything is possible? For example they can add a planet that has a metropolis, didn’t take part in past frontier wars and wants to welcome / host the apex legends games in its planet and maybe even TIE the whole thing to a future legend coming from this place for example.
What I’m trying to say is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating or adding to the lore and being tied down, closed minded or shackled by what is already written so far and not to be more open or creative because of a written lore story just goes against growth, creativity, continuation and innovation of a story imo.
Size of the map A size between WE and SP would be best imo for this type of map to allow more spacious districts and POIS, also since more roads and bridges will be needed to separate the giant structures and big POIS.
POI Names with Picture Examples This is something i came up with to help shape and give more of a mental image of what a full Metropolis map could look like. Some POIS can even tie to lore aspects of some legends. All feedback is welcome, you guys have awesome imagination and great suggestions to add, in the end each one of us wants to see something added to apex in its future seasons.
Disclaimer : all the images used here are not mine and I got them from regular google image search and wallpaper sites just to help add a mental image of what I mean with areas in a metropolis. they are from concept art of other games and random sci-fi artists. They are just “Examples” of what areas could look like.

Landing Zone Landing Airport area of the metropolis for flights and shipments.

Hotel A big hotel building with an open outside area of smaller structures, parking areas etc.
Museum A museum building that holds Artifacts and relics of the titanfall wars, ships, titans, weapons used and suits and maybe a statue of Jack Cooper? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lol
Grand Bar. A big and spacious bar consists of 2 floors inside and a medium outdoor space, maybe Mirage can buy it and be the owner and hang a picture of Pathfinder as waiter of the month since path worked as a waiter before lol.
Commerce District. A mixture of shopping centers with different floors filled with Tech and other outlands related products and advertisements. A futuristic series of small to meduim malls of some sorts.
Cyber Alley A tight spaced alley filled with medium sized buildings and small sized roads that connect between different POIS.
(The word Cyber already exist in apex with the peacekeeper skin “cyber shock” so it’s not foreign to the apex world)
Would have nightmares of beast of the hunt bloodhound chasing me in an alley :’)
Pharma A pharmaceutical and medical lab building that can tie to octane’s father lore and act as a branch to his father’s pharmaceutical company (Silva Pharmaceuticals), maybe can be a generous area for heals.
Neon Towers A medium to large sized POI district of skyscraper buildings. A mixture of skydom and fragment but with more roads and taller buildings.
Energy Siphon An area dedicated to obtaining and distributing power to the metropolis with big and small structures.

Subway Station Thanks to User “mattyb5754” who suggested an underground subway tunnel system with underground building. I liked this idea a lot and thought maybe an underground subway station could be the main POI that connects all the underground tunnels.

Sanctuary A destroyed and abandoned sanctuary that maybe can have some lore behind it.
IMC ZONE A more open and heavily militarized zone that has some of the IMC equipment that can tie to the lore of Bangalore or other future legends.
Bazaar This POI can act as mixture of skull town and market of KC with some influences of Angel City from titanfall but maybe more open with more organized space between buildings and more refined looking structures. It can also balance out the hot dropping to other dense POIS and distribute more teams around.
Can also tie to lore of loba or Rampart or a future Middle Eastern, Persian or Arabic Legend.
Some other POIS that I couldn’t find picture that could fit them so will leave these to your imagination guys.
Open Stage A Stage just like the “Encore” arena map but on a bigger scale and more of an open area that hosts mirage voyage dance party and maybe fuse/lifeline events? Fuse told lifeline this season about starting a band so maybe that’s the best place for them to perform.
Fuse line to lifeline is: Cheers, Che. Hey you’re a whizz on the old toms, I smell a band brewin. The place can have posters of fuse and lifeline’s band or maybe we can hit a button like the mirage voyage that plays their hit song.
Crossroads A series of crossroads that connects different POI’s on the map to each other and contain a central small camp area near its roads.
Education Center A giant education center POI built to teach everything outlands related.
So to summarize all these POI’S are urban, residental and heavily structural based, fully sci-fi themed and all enclosed in one big cityscape all connected only by city roads, rather than the nature/environmental dirt roads and the separate POI’s with different terrains, hills and mountains etc that we already have in the current maps.
Again this fully urban map could balance out the other maps in the future of apex and add environmental variety to apex in general, also since the design of the map can have an effect on the legends used, a full city map could be an interesting change of pace for the game and provide new ways of maximizing the potential of each Legend.
I hope this gave a clearer image of what a complete urban city map can look like.
Finally the time of day for this map, for sure morning is best when it comes to any map. Maybe this one can have more of an Afternoon close to Sunset time of day to give it a diff vibe than the other maps and also to make the neon/glowing signs of the map show/shine more. What do you guys think?
And just like we got legend skins that complimented stormpoint environment, I can only imagine how cool and wild the Legend skins for a map like this would be like, so I will leave this one for you guys.
Feedback is always welcome, write what you like to see in a metropolis map of apex and thanks again guys for the awesome support. Cheers <3
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2021.11.29 14:48 el_zorow How do you deal with a racist teacher

So i am in grade 11th now and I take things very seriously especially math and science classes. In my new quadmester, my chemistry teacher and I dont have a good relationship. Note: I am the only black kid in the class. So basically, everytime I ask her a question about something she'd yell at me and say she already explained it. But its a question about a confusion. BUT whenever another student ask her a question, she'd happily answer it and even discuss togheter. And sometimes a lot of students like a group of 10 and the teacher discuss togheter about a homework or qa, I want to listen see if I can get clearer idea of the subject and if it answer some of my questions, but unfortunately, she'd stop the whole thing and say, yea, whats wrong, so i ask her the question and she yell at me saying I dont pay attention and dont take the course seriously. And that happened like 3 times already and its building mental stress and reminding me of my other elementary and middle school racist teacher I had with the same issue but I didnt care as much but now I care a lot , its the last 2 year of my high school, I want a decent career. I TRY and stay away from her radar as much but its not helping when I have questions. ALSO, whenever we have a test and its something that requires her judgement, I noticed she'd put me a low grade, and after class I sometime discuss with one of my friends, who is my only white friend in this class and we'd see each other's tests. I got a better explanation about the question but still got a lower grade and he was also confused. I sometimes ask him to ask her the questions I have but it dont always work, I rarely meet him and the class is usually quite quiet for most times and we dont sit next to each other
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2021.11.29 14:48 Great_Bluejay_293 💎 Luxury e-commerce 🛍️ | NFT VIP PASS to buy exclusive products 👜 | Low mcap | No pump and dump | Long-term project

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All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.
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2021.11.29 14:48 CautiousRock0 Stocking question. Hi all. I have 6 neon tetras, 6 rasboras, and 4 killifish. I was wondering if this was too much for a 20 long. I was also curious about if there was anything else I could add like shrimp, or maybe a few more tetras. Thanks guys!

Stocking question. Hi all. I have 6 neon tetras, 6 rasboras, and 4 killifish. I was wondering if this was too much for a 20 long. I was also curious about if there was anything else I could add like shrimp, or maybe a few more tetras. Thanks guys! submitted by CautiousRock0 to PlantedTank [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 14:48 Dschounesss Virizion Raid on me add 3556 4768 7338

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2021.11.29 14:48 dontygrimm Board game suggestions?

So last year my fiance and I got heavily into board games, and have fallen jn love with many, but we are always looking for new suggestions and iw as wondering what people had for suggestions: currently some of our top favorites
Descent (2nd ed) Scythe Villianous Dominion Everdel 7 wonders Betrayal(we actually have all of thrm minus the expansion lol) Llamas unleashed Here to slay
Thank you!
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