Mystery of the sea 3rd challenge - Cosmic Shift!

2021.11.29 15:13 GlassImmediate Mystery of the sea 3rd challenge - Cosmic Shift!

This challenge isn't the hardest I've played but managing the enemy mechanics is a bit annoying.
You get to pick 6 of your units; this map is not much of a dps check. The 3 enemy: minion Wiler and Selena, both at around 40k hp and boss Illucia around 72k hp.
The mechanics: 1. Illucia has a -50% dmg buff before you kill Wiler and Selena. Once you defeat the 2 minions that buff will be replaced by a +50% dmg received debuff. 2. Wiler and Selena don't die completed when defeated; they will respawn at the same spot right after being defeated, with different skill sets (Wiler has long range blackhole, rewind and Selena has 2 AoE and a fixed dmg buff similar to Freya's SP skill) 3. Illucia can do a lot of dmg (100% increased counter dmg, basically she will kill anyone when attacked) and a +2 range if she stands on a block that is affected by "Fate", a terrain effect that is caused by Wiler and Selena's skills.
So, my strategy was to kite Illucia away from Wiler and Selena, defeat Wiler and Selena once to trigger Illucia's +50% dmg debuff, and then kill Illucia.
My team: Yulia, Rozalia, Luna, SP Elwin, Liana, and Towa, all 6 stars. Yulia was my main dps and remote heal unit. Elwin aided in attacking boss and Roza, Luna, Towa was my flank team to distract Wiler and Selena. Note: enemy won't aggro if no one in their range.
T1: AI placed Luna and Roza to the left of the map and Elwin and Towa to the right of the map. Yulia and Liana in Illucia's AoE range. Wiler used his "fate buff" on Illucia, Selena went to Wiler and used guard, Illucia charged down and AoE'd Yulia and Liana, not killing anyone.
T2: Roza and Towa killed Selena (about 42k hp) and Luna and Elwin killed Wiler (about 38k hp). Yulia started hitting Illucia (about 52k dmg with each skill and about 27k dmg normal attack). At this point is a game of managing my unit positioning. Wiler's 6-range blackhole and Selena's push AoE will change the terrain into fate so you'll wanna make sure they fire their AoE away from a direction that may give Illucia the terrain effect. I kept Luna and Roza (2 of my highest MDEF unit) as sandbags for Wiler and Selena (I placed the 2 ladies in the same line as Wiler and Selena so I don't need to adjust their position after being pushed or pulled by Selena's AoE) Towa was killed due to her lower stats (no fb) and Elwin went back toward Yulia to help hitting boss.
From T3 it was a game of chipping her hp away.
Note: I have a lvl45 Thunder God and he did about 160k of dmg on boss in his 2 attacks. Between Elwin's sword soul and Yulia's 2 skills, with Liana's act again, I did about 160k dmg also. Without skills I did about 52k dmg to boss with 2 normal attacks. I think I finished her on T9 maybe T10.
As long as the there is no terrain buff for Illucia it will be a easy victory.
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2021.11.29 15:13 Low-Piglet-9162 Today u Played the Game for the Second time in the Last Mission With Arthur where u and John Point the Gun to the Others. U can See a Person in the backround in the trees. I dont think that where the Pinkertons but what do y'all think

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2021.11.29 15:13 qsxsqsxs How long do my health benefits last? My classes end in December (I did CO-OP), but I don't graduate until April. Do my benefits last until I graduate?

The title basically explains it all, my classes end in December because of the CO-OP sequence.
Do my benefits last for an entire school year even though I won't be enrolling for classes in the Winter semester?
I'm looking to get annual dental cleaning and buy some new glasses, but I'm not sure if I should do that before January starts!
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2021.11.29 15:13 mrfurios81 Skye Blue | Best Moves (AEW | NWA | CGW)

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2021.11.29 15:13 SharkKing00 Hear me out we should trade for Kemba

With Pat Bev moving up into starting Kemba could be a nice PG off the bench. He’s out of the knicks rotation cuz thibs is a defense guy.He is a shot creator and he’s not even playing bad this season he’s shooting 43% from the field and 41 percent from 3 on 5 attempts per game. He’s under contract for 2 years. I would give up Okogie(Thibs loves defense), Layman, and a second or 2. Worst case scenario he’s a way better bench point guard than JMac
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2021.11.29 15:13 Nick_Valentines_Day From Her IG Stories

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2021.11.29 15:13 londoner_77 Do shoppers have to take multiple orders at a time?

Every time a shoppers mentions that they have 2 or 3 orders, my order is late. Is this something the shoppers choose or do they have to take multiples? Because if a shopper is choosing to take 3 orders at a time, which results in me needing to wait an extra hour (90 minutes today), the tip is going to get a lot smaller!
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2021.11.29 15:13 IgnorantFoolio Where can I sell cards in bulk/as a bundle?

Are there any options for selling cards in bulk or as a bundle? It does not appear possible through the Immutable X marketplace, as best as I can tell.
I have a few thousand low-value cards (<$10 at current prices) I'd like to get rid of and I know it won't be worth my time to sell them one-by-one.
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2021.11.29 15:13 Chickens1 20 Seconds.

I stopped in my old college town over the weekend and walked the strip just to reminisce. At one point he went to get the parked car and said he would pick me up a bit further down.
I made it as far as the old courtyard bar where I spend way too many nights and brain cells. I walked back into the courtyard from the street for just a few to look about then came back to the street.
There's my son being railed on by the restaurant owner next door.
RO: "I DON'T PAY FOR PARKING FOR THEM" SON: I just pulled off to pick up that man walking there. RO: MOVE IT. Me: Have a nice day, sir (sarcastic as hell).
This is 100% what Yelp and Google reviews are for. I get it. You have parking issues. This is a college town. It's endemic. Your cup is full. But Piss Off if you're dumping that undeservedly on me. Enjoy your day and your reviews, kind sir.
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2021.11.29 15:13 Deathflash_art Garou, Bang and Bomb colored made by me

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2021.11.29 15:13 Agima [100% OFF] Master Photoshop and GIMP Essential Graphic Design Skill (4 days or 993 registrations left)

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2021.11.29 15:13 slowmindedthingy UniHack 2021 - International Hackathon

Hi guys! There is this contest you might want to check!
UniHack is an international hackathon for university and high school students with a focus on solving civic issues. 📷
If you are eager to learn from our mentors, challenge your hacking abilities, and bond with new students from around the world, then this is the event for you. 📷
You will have 48h to develop software or hardware with your team members and get a chance to qualify for track prizes or even for the grand prize. Solving a civic issue gets your team bonus points. 📷
This year’s edition will be online. 📷
Register now for UniHack 2021 at
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2021.11.29 15:13 SilverQueenBee What incident or event that happened to you personally, that you were ok with at the time or accepted it, makes you angry to think about now?

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2021.11.29 15:13 R35TfromTheBunker Finished Lord Felthius. Definitely not an easy face to work with..

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2021.11.29 15:13 Dantheanimaaal Current team, not spending anymore. Should I GI Fergie or Rice first?

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2021.11.29 15:13 mindmuscleconnection [RAM] 3200 CL14 vs 3600 CL 16 vs 3800 CL18?

Generally, which would yield the best results? Still torn on speed vs latency.
Stock DOCP is at 3200 CL16 (CJR Hynix). Mobo is x570 with a 5600X
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2021.11.29 15:13 itsyourgirlkaterina Quick question, what’s that? 02 Mazda B2300?

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2021.11.29 15:13 1of1- Streaming pc prebuilt order turnaround time?

Last night i ordered a streaming pc. I was wondering what the turnaround time is. I purchased the overnight shipping option. So I know it will get here fast once it ships. But how long does it usually take them to build it and ship it?
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2021.11.29 15:13 jakkkmotivator Why Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price is Soaring Right Now? Is It Robinhood or Kraken, or Anything Else?

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2021.11.29 15:13 Rubberducksenpai How is it to live in the USA as a wage to wage worker ?

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2021.11.29 15:13 Suhas_Wildlife Purple rumped sunbird male. The Indian version of humming birds

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2021.11.29 15:13 Sea-Philosophy-2310 Did they nerf sole cores? Was watching a dudes build on YouTube and he had AA purity anima bonus, highest I got is c+

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2021.11.29 15:13 troynxt virizion raid - 9424 6958 2401 adding first 5

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2021.11.29 15:13 Nameless-Ruin Freedom windshield

Anyone selling or know of a way to get windshield mounting hardware for 21 S60? Looking to get a freedom windshield but need the hardware.
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