[Marketing] A healthcare startup is looking to speak to women about a new menopause service - $100 for a 30min Online Session (Women aged 40-60+)

2021.11.29 15:00 aldynhealth [Marketing] A healthcare startup is looking to speak to women about a new menopause service - $100 for a 30min Online Session (Women aged 40-60+)

If interested, please complete this short survey: https://mpteqrc7tre.typeform.com/to/vgbypHX9
Aldyn is a new women's health startup delivering services for menopause. We are conducting paid interviews with women aged 40-60+.
The feedback session will last 30-minutes, and you will receive a $100 Visa gift card.
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2021.11.29 15:00 DiegoSpeed3 Nichijou final (en su momento)

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2021.11.29 15:00 LateralusBong420 They killed Dr Noack (#AndreasNoack) for this information. Graphene oxide effects

Graphene oxide (Found on the miracle injections) is like injecting tiny razor blades that can cut blood vessels.
Personal note: This means if aspiration of the injection site is not a standard (Injecting, drawing back to check for blood to make sure you did not hid a vein) THEN the possibilities of this side effect are extreme
Cabin Talk (Woman who predicted pandemic on September 2019) video:
The link to video where Dr Noack explains his fidings is in the youtube description since reddit does not like this link.
(bitchute .com/video/VNN2k1i8p7Kg/)
Link to full video from Dr Noack (Just remove the spaces)
https:// www. bitchute .com/video/WCfyNz0eK6zV/
We are the resistance. Strenght for all
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2021.11.29 15:00 yeezusplease Do any of the local stores sell chapagetti and neoguri?

I have seen neoguri at a few places but chapgetti remains elusive.
I have tried global food hall, Asian midway, and that j&p on state street
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2021.11.29 15:00 bradh1 Swords and grappling is fun

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2021.11.29 15:00 temburaa Can I upload I-20 STEM OPT RECOMMENDATION to unsolicited documents after sending paper based application

I’m in a classic situation, my initial EAD expires on November 30th, 2021. My H1-b was approved inspite of withdrawing it several months ago and it just got revoked on November 24th, 2021 which is after 6 months. I’ve sent STEM OPT EXTENSION Application on November 24th, 2021 because I don’t want to wait until November 30th, 2021. Today I’ve requested my DSO to fix the data and issue new I-20 but it might take one to two days. If I receive I-20 after that can I still upload it to unsolicited documents after receiving my receipt number and it should be okay? And also along with my application my attorney wrote a letter of Nunc Pro Tunc Request explaining the excruciating circumstances I’ve gone through.
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2021.11.29 15:00 BlackBullion Silver is NOT Dying

Been seeing some negativity on Twitter and other spaces. Here are some bullish considerations:
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2021.11.29 15:00 Political_news69 Omicron variant concerns prompt UK to expand boosters for all adults | Covid19 News

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2021.11.29 15:00 joe_but_epic Isnt it weird how sorrow tears arent a bazzar item?

Like im general it should be a bazzar item, being used in armor carfts similar to werewolf armor or dragon armor.
Its just weird that the admins havent added it to the bazzar
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2021.11.29 15:00 SLEDGEHAMMAA Me becoming the type of buyer i shit on because Urban Outfitters is doing 50% off sale vinyl

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2021.11.29 15:00 Necessary_Card_3479 Help me Choose plzzz

Hey guys please help me choose which would be the best option. I’m between a 2018 gt premium vert with 57k miles OR a 2021 new ecoboost premium I don’t know which one to chose their both basically the same price so I’m not sure bc I don’t want to have to put a lot of money just go go fast but the new car warranty is hard to pass. Thanks so much!!
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2021.11.29 15:00 Ne3dHelpWithMyGender How do I stop wanting a label?

I want a label one that describes me,queer is too vague of course if I have to use it I will but I'd prefer not to.I wish I was fine with calling myself it but it just makes me feel uncomfortable.I feel bad about it,I've had people tell me to stop worrying about it and I don't need one.how do I stop wanting one? and how can I be okay with just the label queer?
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2021.11.29 15:00 No_Dare5313 Autistas são sem noção?

Pergunta, como evitar ser um sem noção/inconveniente, sendo asperger?
Farto das pessoas me dizerem que sou estranho/sem noção/inconveniente ou de dizer coisas que não devo dizer (não tenho papas na língua)
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2021.11.29 15:00 SillyIngenuity7559 Video calls on low light are so bad.

I recently upgraded from the 7 plus to the 13 Pro Max and I usually make video calls in low light and when using the 7 plus the other person can still see me enough (can see me quite well if using google duo’s low light mode) but while using the same apps on the 13 pro max the brightness/exposure just stays good for 2 seconds before it automatically darkens it and I’m not visible anymore. It works fine again for 2 seconds if I minimize the call screen and then go back to it and then gets really dark again. I’ve tried changing camera settings and restored via itunes. Any other suggestions?
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2021.11.29 15:00 Proper_Ad7544 Nebraska - Pending = Waitlist?

“The admissions committee has initially reviewed your application, but it cannot make a final decision until later in the admission process. We anticipate that the Admissions Committee will review pending application files again in the spring, primarily during April and May. In some cases, an admission decision may be made earlier.”
Assuming this is their version of a waitlist? Anyone have any insight? It was just updated this morning.
Long time lurker first time poster 👋
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2021.11.29 15:00 throwaway1231212121 .

so, a bit of background, I've liked this girl for so long, since I met her like 4 years ago, i told her before that i like her, she never said she liked me back, I was fine with that obviously so continued to be friends with her, obviously still with some feelings for her. so fast forward like 6 months we were at a party, and she's being like rlly flirty and shit, got to a point where she was saying how she wanted to have sex with me or smfn along the lines so i just said like your really drunk and we continued enjoying ourselves at the party, she continued to try and hug me and shit, eventually she asked to talk to me so obviously i said yea, we got to talking and she apologised for the shit she said to me earlier cause she could tell it made me a bit uncomfortable, i tried explaining to her that i do like her , i asked her why she said the stuff and she said that she does like me but wouldn't really admit it sober but thinks we would make a great couple, which i would love, but she doesn't feel like she could handle a relationship mentally, obviously thats fine with me, we went back into the party and she continued to be like hellla flirty sitting on my lap and hugging me and shit i didnt really care about it but i cant get it off my mind, ii get so attatched to people who show me the tiniest amount of attentiokn like that cause ive never really had anything like a relationship or anything, 'i asked her abt it the next day and she said that she meant the things abt liking me but not being ready for a relationship,it kind of made me feel abit like why would you do that stuff if you dont want anything out of it you know? its fucked with my head so much, also nowe shes telling me about this boy she met and that she likes and how she wants to meet up with him like shes trying to show it off to me almost, idk its just made me feel so fucked in the head like even after explaining how she doesent really want a relationship and then continue to give me all this like attention, i dont know if attention is the right word to use, but like idek kinda made me a bit depressed and the only time i really feel happy is when im with her, is this stupid?
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2021.11.29 15:00 parishhills Atheist Comedian turns to God after hearing these 5 words.

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2021.11.29 15:00 Flow-like-a-harpoon Anyone know where the Stinger head hat can be purchased?

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2021.11.29 15:00 throwaway66178281 I’m 17 female will my shoes size still grow

They won’t right? Thinking about buying some expensive shoes but I don’t want them to get small
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2021.11.29 15:00 Extra-Kale Covid-19 signs on cafes welcoming 'vaxed and unvaxed' may look official but they're not

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2021.11.29 15:00 bloodface1329 Trust me

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2021.11.29 15:00 ihappee15 Need Help With industrial SLAs

Hello! I am having 0 luck finding quality information about industrial SLAs and how they compare to something like Formlabs.
Can someone point me in the right direction?
I am looking to produce a high quantity of high-detailed custom miniatures. This is for an industry purchase, and we are open to all potential options.
Thank you so much!
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2021.11.29 15:00 redditapi_botpract Akinator Was not able to Find Carl/Karl, he must learn of his glory

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2021.11.29 15:00 the_virtual_mechanic New Video Out Now

https://youtu.be/08pD2oG6Y60 go and check out what we did with this Opel Blitz Hot Rod.
It looks amazing, bumper does drag a bit on the speed run, and I didn't swap it to a V8 like everyone would expect.

Opel Blitz
See you in the next one.
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2021.11.29 15:00 Jakexpert Potential German National Baseball Team for the 2022 WBC Qualifiers.

Here is the potential WBCQ team for Germany. Assuming the team receives all their players, you'll see plenty of current MLB players. When putting together these teams, I am putting a best case scenario. It's called potential/projected players who might join the team, not who will join the team. The tldr will be towards the bottom if you want a quick idea on if this team will make it or not as these posts are detailed, scroll down towards the Reasons Why They'll make it to get a short version.
Just some context:
Strong: The team is a favorite to qualify for the main tournament. Everything clicks and they win a spot to qualify.
Average: A competitive team. Can hold their own against the top baseball countries but certain things have to go their way to beat them. Third or fourth place finish with a chance to challenge for the second qualifier spot in the group.
Weak: Not strong enough to qualify. Fifth or last place finish

Leagues/Tournaments Acronyms
Major League Baseball MLB
Korean Baseball League KBO
Florida Complex League FCL
European Baseball Championship EBC
Baseball World Cup BWC
World Baseball Classic WBC
Position Name (T) 2021 Team 2021 Level 2021 ERA BB9/S09
SP Markus Solbach (R) Los Angeles Dodgers Triple-A 7.89 3.2/7.5
SP Niklas Rimmel (R) ^ Minnesota Twins FCL 3.86 1.3/9.0
SP Duke von Schamann* (R) York Revolution Atlantic League 6.12 2.5/3.9
SP Sven Schüller Hard Bulls/ Hoboken Pioneers Baseball Bundesliga(Austria)/ Belgian First Division 3.66 2.9/11.7
*Heritage Player ^Seven innings
Position Name (T) 2021 Team 2021 Level 2021 ERA BB9/S09
CL Lucas Jacobsen (L) Texas Rangers Injured-Out for the Season N/A N/A
SU Samuel Steigert (R) Bonn Capitals Bundesliga 0.87 0.8/7.12
7th Joe Cedano De Leon* (R) Stuttgart Reds Bundesliga 4.66 5.3/11.5
MR Daniel Mendelsohn (R) N/A Bundesliga N/A N/A
MR Nicolas Göbert* Paderborn Untouchables Bundesliga 2.16 3.2/13.3
MR Luca Hörger Heidenheim Heideköpfe Bundesliga 2.35 2.3/9.8
MR Yannick Wildenhain (R) Mainz Athletics Bundesliga 8.32 5.5/7.1
MR Simon Liedtke (R) ^ Heidenheim Heideköpfe Bundesliga 18.00 0.0/0.0
LR Simon Groß Twins oosterhout Honkbal Hoofdklasse 3.69 7.23/5.75
LR Maurice Wilhelm (R) Bonn Capitals Bundesliga 1.04 2.1/9.47
LR Enorbel Márquez (L) Heidenheim Heideköpfe Bundesliga 2.63 1.5/9.6
^One Inning * Eight Innings
Position Name (B) 2021 Team 2021 Level 2021 wRC+/OPS 2021 OBP
LF Demetrius Moorer (R)* New Jersey Jackals Frontier League .718 .369
1B Brendan Donovan (L) St. Louis Cardinals High-A/AA/AAA 134 .399
RF Max Kepler (L) Minnesota Twins MLB 95 .306
CF Aaron Altherr (R) NC Dinos KBO 133 .358
C Bruce Maxwell (R) San Francisco Giants Triple-A 85 .319
2B Marco Cardoso (S) Paderborn Untouchables Bundesliga 1.484 .529
DH Pascal Amon (L) Buchbinder Legionäre Regensburg Bundesliga 1.015 .467
3B/P Eric Brenk (R)* Bonn Capitals Bundesliga 1.058 .486
SS Alexander Schmidt (R)* Buchbinder Legionäre Regensburg Bundesliga .949 .380
* heritage player
Position Name (B) 2021 Team 2021 Level 2021 wRC+/OPS 2021 OBP
C Simon Gühring Heidenheim Heideköpfe Bundesliga 1.065 .436
INF/P/LF Lou Helmig^ Heidenheim Heideköpfe Bundesliga .333 .167
INF/LF/RF David Grimes Buchbinder Legionäre Regensburg Bundesliga 1.376 .418
OF Shawn Larry Heidenheim Heideköpfe Bundesliga 2.037 .678
^6 ab-bats/Plate Appearances
Players per League*
Leagues Number of Players Per League
Bundesliga 17
Independent Leagues 2
Baseball Bundesliga (Austria) 1
Belgian First Division 1
Honkbal Hoofdklasse 1
*Players who played in two leagues count as two separate players. So since Schüller played in Baseball Bundesliga(Austria) and Belgian First Division, Schüller is added to the count to the "Number of Players Per League" in both those leagues
Overall: Average Ever since they took the Nicaraguan team to extra innings in the 2016 WBCQs, the German national senior baseball team seemed to be on the upswing with great performances in the 2019 EBC and qualifying for the 2021 and 2022 U23 BWC.
In the 2019 EBC, they had close games with Israel, Czech Republic and Great Britain, losing 4-2 and 10-6 to Israel and Czech Republic while beating Great Britain 2-1.
But 2021, a downward spiral seem to occurred. In the 2021 EBC, they lost their first game to upstart Croatia 8-2, before losing 15-2 to Spain in their next game. They barely beat France 3-2 in the relegation round. If they would have lost that game, Germany would have been fighting to not be relegated to the EBC qualifiers in their next game.
In the U23 BWC, they gave up the most runs in the whole tournament with 61. Despite that, four out of the seven loses in that tournament were only by 2-4 runs. They lost to DR, 8-4, Nicaragua 3-1, Netherlands, 5-2 and Mexico 3-1. Interestingly, besides losing to Cuba 10-3, their biggest loses were to Asian teams, losing to Taiwan 7-0 and to South Korea 9-1.
The biggest question surrounding this team is their pitching as a whole. How will their pitching hold up and can they hold onto a lead with a majority of relievers coming from Bundesliga, many with no experience outside the league.
What they have going for them: Max Kepler: Not only is he their best hitter on the team but also their best player. His presence alone should improve the team as a whole because of his success at MLB. He will and should be their leader and captain of the team, offering them advice in-game on how to approach pitchers in certain situations and he will be the player to rally up his teammates.
Hitting: Outside of Kepler, team Germany has some good hitters. Altherr has been a stable presence for the NC Dinos with back-to-back seasons of a wRC+ of more then 120. And while he has had mixed success in MLB, he did have a wRC+ of 120 in 2017 for the Philadelphia Phillies, which isn't to far off what he does now. Altherr also has nearly back-to-back 30 HR seasons in his first two years in the KBO.
Donovan has been nothing but excellent at every minor league level since 2019. 2021 was a big year as his wRC+ increased for every level he moved up along with his walk percentage.
Level Walk Percentage wRC+
High A 9.2% 127
Double-A 11.4% 134
Triple-A 11.5% 139
Moorer is your prototypical lead off hitter. He has no power, hitting only two home runs since 2019 and can steal a lot of bases, stealing 26 or more bases every year since 2017 except for 2020, where he only played in 20 games. Amazingly he has only been caught 26 times since 2017. He has never played in the minor leagues but has played in the independent leagues for five years. One of the most important factors with Moorer is his ability to get on base. He has a .400 OBP since 2017 in 282 games. Morro will be the perfect table setter for this team.
Maxwell has not played much in two years due to injury and the pandemic. He has a career .731 OPS from all levels. Having a catcher like Maxwell should help the pitchers due to his MLB experience.
Cordoso is one of their best hitters on the team that is not playing in one of the top world leagues. In the 2019 EBC, he was Germany's best hitter with a .483 Average and a .838 slugging in 29 ABs in 7 games. In the 2021 U23 EBC, he slugged .722 while getting a hit in four of the five games played. Cordoso struggled mightily in the U23 BWC however, as he hit only .208 in 24 ABs with only one extra base hit. In the 2021 EBC, he hit .263 with only two extra base hits in 18 abs in five games.
Amon teared up the baseball in the 2019 U23 EBC hitting .400 with three home runs. Amon would hit another three Homeruns in the 2019 EBC hitting .286. He could not repeat that performance in the 2021 U23 BWC getting two hits in 19 ABs to equate for a .105 BA, the exact same BA in the 2021 EBC, with no HRs in both tournaments. He is probably somewhere in between hitting wise.
Brenk was on the WBCQ team in 2016 going 0-3 with a walk. He did well in the 2021 EBC hitting .421 drawing four walks, with three against Croatia. He even pitched 1.2 shut out innings against France.
Schmidt has no power. If you combined all the ABs for every tournament he played since 2019, he only has two doubles in 81 ABs. But he does get hits, with a .346 BA in the last four tournaments, batting below .300 once since 2019. Schmidt really hit well in 2021 batting .357 and .429 in the 2021 U23 BWC and EBC. He rarely strikeouts also, striking out only more then three times once, in the last four tournaments combined. Schmidt also has drawn exactly two walks in every tournament since 2019. He is a hidden gem in the the German line up.
Every hitter has performed well in one way or another, whether it was in tournaments or in season. This line up has power, above average hitting and speed. No need for anyone to bunt. Any pitcher facing Germany should not over look this line up.
Game Schedule: Assuming the original schedule stays the same, Germany might not have a tough time fighting to make it to the final games of the qualifier.
Their first game would be against France. Since the 2017 U23 EBC, Germany has beaten France in five straight games:
Tournament Final Score
2017 U23 EBC 9-8 & 5-1
2019 U23 EBC 6-4
2019 EBC 14-4
2021 EBC 3-2
That is not to say France will not be tough. France only lost by a few runs in four of the the five games. They'll also have some reinforcements in this qualifier like Ernesto Martínez Jr and Alen Hanson. France can win this game, but I'll pick Germany to win due to history and hitting depth.
Germanys first game will also be the most important as whoever loses would face Brazil or Nicaragua in the loser bracket, while the winner would face South Africa. It's safe to say South Africa does not have much pitching depth beyond Dylan Unsworth and a few relievers, so if team Germany can get to South Africa bullpen early, they would have a solid chance to make it to the final qualifier game. Even if Germany were to lose to South Africa, they would face Pakistan in the loser bracket, giving them an easy win.
What they don't have going for them: Starting Pitching: Normally teams with starters from high tier leagues, you would think it would be a strength, but the starters here have had terrible results stats wise in 2021. We don't know how well these starters might pitch due to too much uncertainty.
The ace of the team, Solbach year with the Oklahoma City Dodgers was terrible. Besides his high ERA, his walk rate was a career high with a 40 innings minimum. They are some positives to take away from his disastrous 2021. Triple-A is known as an offense first league. Along with that, his BABIP was .388, meaning he had some misfortunes and bad luck. His FIP was 4.33 but his xFIP was 5.54. Regardless, his ERA was high and some of it had to do with bad luck.
Because of Solbach bad numbers, we don't know how well he'll pitch in this group. He could revert back to his normal pitching numbers before 2021 or pitch like in did in 2021. One plus is that they would not have to face Brazil Or Nicaragua in their first game. Assuming the schedule stays the same, if Solbach can pitch like he did before 2021, Germany has a solid chance to advance far in the qualifier.
Rimmel was injured for most of 2021 but had solid results in his return from injury. He might not be allowed to join the team, but let's just say he gets permission to play for Germany. Rimmel will be on a strict innings or pitch limit, probably being allowed to pitch only one game.
Before his injury and the pandemic, Rimmel produced strong numbers in his first two years in the Twins organization, producing a 2.61 ERA. 2019 was especially great as he increased his strikeout rate from 3.9 to 8.1. Rimmel in the rotation gives the Germans a nice one-two if he is allowed to joined.
Schamann is a former minor leaguer who pitched two games in Triple-A. Since 2016, he has pitched in the independent leagues with varying success. In 2021, his walk rate shot up to a career high 2.5, the second highest in his career, in 133.1 innings. He also does not strikeout many people with a career 5.5 strikeout rate. His 2021 numbers were horrendous but Dchamann did not pitch in 2020. The lay off could have affected his pitching in 2021. He was also pitching at a time when MLB were implementing different rule changes to help baseball. Schmann was pitching on a 61 feet mound instead of 60 and the bases were bigger but even before 2021, his career in the independent scene was mixed.
His first two years in the independent scene, his ERA was above four. Schamann best year was in 2019 pitching to a 3.51 ERA in 128.1 innings, but outside of that and his 8 starts in 2018, he never really had much success in the independent scene or in the minors. Like Solbach, their is too much uncertainty on how he will pitch.
Schüller seems to be the safest lock in the rotation. Schüller is another former minor leaguer who dominated both leagues he has played in. His game against Spain in the 2021 EBC was going great, giving up 2 runs in five innings before losing it in the sixth. He pitched primarily in relief in his minor league career with a 4.37 ERA in 144 games in 257.1
Schüller biggest concern is his control as he walked 4.2 in his minor league career. And that didn't stop there as he had 3.6 walk rate in The Baseball Bundesliga(Austria) despite having an ERA of 2.81. And don't be fooled by his high K/9 rate. Schüller had three games where he had double digit strikeouts.
Game Innings Strikeouts.
Feldkirch Cardinals vs Hard Bulls 9.0 16
Hard Bulls vs Dornbirn Indians 8.0 11
Mont-Saint-Guibert Phoenix vs Hoboken Pioneers 10.0 14
His career K/9 rate is 7.0 Take out those three games and Schüller has never struck out more then 6 batters per game except once. He is a solid addition to the staff as long as his control is in order and does not face a line up for a third time.
Solbach and Schamann can likely pitch well against every team in this group not named Brazil and Nicaragua, but that's the question, How well can these two pitch against them? And What if Solbach or Rimmel does not join the team for whatever reason? Can team Germany make up the depth loss should that happen? There is too much uncertainty in this rotation to know if their starters can be a strength for this team.
Bullpen: This will be the hardest to judge as many of these relievers are new, shuffle back and forth between starting and relieving in tournaments or appeared in very few games to give any real insight on how they will pitch. Only three relievers pitched in more then one game in the 2021 EBC. And only five pitchers from 2021 EBC roster were on the 2019 EBC team. (Rimmel, Steigert, Márquez, Wilhelm and Schüller)
While many of these relievers numbers are strong in Bundesliga, it remains to be seen how they will fare against competition outside of Europe. The relievers put up zeros against teams they normally beat i.e Sweden or Ukraine, but falter against teams above them, i.e Cuba and Taiwan.
They do have one impact reliever and that's Jacobson.
If you ignore Jacobson career ERA in the minors, you'll see a pitcher who strikeouts hitters at a 14.3 rate. And if you look at FIP and xFIP from 2017 and 2019, you will see a pitcher who should dominate.
Year Level FIP xFIP
2017 Low-A 2.18 2.94
2019 High-A 2.89 2.55
Only question is if he will be allowed to join since he did not pitch in 2021 due to injury.
Outside of him, we don't know how well the rest will perform. But we can try by looking at players who participated in both the 2021 EBC and U23 BWC, with a heavy focus on the BWC. The U23 BWC is crucial as this was the first time many have pitched against competition outside of Europe.
De Leon, Mendelsohn, Steigert and Walther were on both rosters. De Leon pitched in one game in the 2021 EBC, throwing a clean inning. His performance was strong in the U23 BWC, allowing one run in 5.2 innings, striking two against Taiwan, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Nicaragua
Besides one bad tournament, Steigert has held the bullpen down. Since 2019, he has an era of 2.53 in 21.1 tournament innings. And if you take out his performance in the U23 EBC, he has only given up three runs in 19.1 innings since 2019.
Wildenhain pitched three innings of no run ball in the 2021 EBC against Croatia and Ukraine, but struggled in the U23 BWC. In three games pitched, he gave up two runs in all three games pitched against Czech Republic, Netherlands and Nicaragua.
Mendelsohn pitched two innings in the 2021 EBC giving up one run against Sweden. He didn't fair better in the BWC as he gave up two runs in two innings against Czech Republic and South Korea.
As you can see, De Leon and Steigert had strong performances while Mendelsohn and Wildenhain did not. It seems that De Leon and Steigert will be the go to relievers should runners get on base or to pitch the 7th and 8th inning.
The rest of the bullpen is hit or miss.
Due to potentially having three starters join the national team, Márquez and Wilhelm will be pushed into the bullpen.
The ageless Márquez continues to be a stable on the team. Despite being 46 years old, he pitched to a 2.63 ERA in 41 innings with 44 strikeouts in Bundesliga. Márquez has always been a starter on the national team, but in the 2016 qualifiers, he came out of the bullpen against Nicaragua giving up the winning run.
Despite his dominance in Bundesliga, his recent tournament numbers are mixed. He gave up five runs, four earned against upstart Croatia in six innings while dominating Sweden, pitching five innings of one run ball. But in the Champions Cup, he gave up seven runs to Curaçao Neptunus of the Honkbal Hoofdklasse in 1 2/3 innings and gave up a run to Fortitudo Baseball Club of the Italian Baseball League in one inning pitched. I think he is best contributing coming out of the bullpen unless he is starting a game against Pakistan.
Wilhelm is a two way player in Bundesliga winning ERA and homerun titles. But despite being a two way player, he joins the national team as a pitcher. A past participant in the 2016 qualifiers, Wilhelm gave up two hits, recorded a strikeout and allowed the game tying hit against Nicaragua.
Outside of his WBC appearance, He doesn't have any other experience playing outside of Europe. But he sure dominates in the continent though. In his only appearance in the 2021 EBC, he pitched 7.1 innings against France giving up two runs. He also pitched to a 1.04 ERA in Bundesliga with a strong strikeout rate near 10. Should one of three starters not join the team expect these two to take one of their places, I believe Wilhelm should be the next best pitcher to take their place.
The trio of Gross, Liedtke and Göbert were all a part of the 2021 U23 teams
Liedtke pitched in only game in Bundesliga but pitched well in the U23 EBC, throwing two 2/3 shutout innings. In the 2021 U23 BWC, he threw a combined five 1/3 innings, against the Dominican Republic, México and Nicaragua, giving up only 2 runs. But in two of those outings, Liedtke gave up a run in each. He also gave up nine hits in all three combined gamed.
Like Liedtke, Göbert was on the BWC roster but not on the EBC roster. I added him to the qualifier roster due to his performance in the U23 BWC. Also like Liedtke, he made three appearances in the tournament, all against Latin American team and pitched well against México and Nicaragua.
Despite his performance against the Dominican Republic where he gave up three runs on two hits in one 1/3 innings, he pitched three innings of no run ball against the 2019 U23 BWC Champion México, with four strikeouts and one clean inning against Nicaragua, giving up no hits and no walks against either.
Gross is originally a starter in the highest league in Europe, Honkbal Hoofdklasse, with solid numbers. Despite his success, he started games against the European teams in the U23 BWC, but their is a reason for that. His walk rate was higher then his strikeout rate. He walked 49 batters in 62 innings while only striking out 39 this season.
In his five 1/3 innings of work in the tournament, he started two games with one relief appearance. In his game against The Netherlands, he did not record an out, giving up a hit and walk before being taken out, but did not give up a run either. He might be best suited in the bullpen as his relief appearance against Nicaragua was a clean one. One inning, no runs, no walks and a strikeout.
The bullpen will be hit or miss. They have some solid pieces in line of Jacobson, Steigert and De Leon with intriguing relievers like Göbert and Liedtke who pitched well against Latin-American teams. Márquez and Wilhiem will be used in big spots either as starters or relievers.
The biggest question here is how well their relievers pitch against Brazil and Nicaragua. Steigert, De Leon, Göbert and Liedtke showed they can pitch well against those teams within their age group. It will be interesting to see how they will pitch against the senior teams from Latin-America.
Bench: The bench itself it not so much of a weak point, but compared to those who will be in the lineup, the gap is pretty big. These players will most likely be defensive replacements rather then pitch hitters, but that doesn't mean they are not important.
Gühring is the starting catcher for the team in the EBCs but with Maxwell potentially joining the team, he will be pushed to the backup catcher role. Larry didn't hit much in the 2021 EBC, but he walked eight times in seven games. A patient hitter, I expect him to be used as a pitch runner or a pitch hitter against a righty.
Helmig and Grimes were on the 2021 U23 teams and 2021 EBC roster. Despite Helmig strong showing in the 2021 EBC, where his slash line was .455/.846/.455, he struggled in the U23 BWC, with a slash line of .214/.321/.267. He also walked only three times in 19 games tournament games this year. Grimes also struggled in the U23 tournament but the big difference between the two was Grimes drew nine walks in 14 tournament games but also struck out 22 times.
They will most likely join the team to gain experience in participating in a big tournament like the qualifiers and that is important regardless if they do not play in a single game. And should Kepler join the team, that will only help their experience and potentially become better players.
ManageRelying on Old School Tactics: Normally I would not add this, but Germany seemed to have fallen in a bit of a rut in 2021. They gave up the most runs in the 2021 U23 BWC and almost were relegated to the EBC qualifiers.
Performances like that can't all be pinned to the manager, but Jassen seems to have a habit of leaving a starting pitcher in a little to long, bringing in a reliever in a tough spot where their are runners on base to clean up a starters mess.
Tournament Game Score and innings by starter before pitching next inning. Plays the next inning giving up by starter Runs given up by the reliever in the same inning Final Score
2019 EBC Italy 5-2 in five innings HR, 2B, BB 2 7-5 Lost
2019 U23 EBC Netherlands 1-1 in five innings Error, Error, Sac Bunt, 1B 0 2-1 Lost
2021 EBC Croatia 0-2 in six innings. 2B, 1B, 2B 6 8-2 Lost
2021 EBC Spain 2-1 in five innings. BB, 1B, 1B 4 15-2 Lost
Along with that, I noticed a tendency to try to bunt with a man on first when the game is late and the score is close or early on. We all know bunting can be a wasted out under many circumstances.
Basically, what I am trying to say is that sometimes Jassen relys to much on old school tactics i.e bunting to move runners up. He did use a bullpen game against Nicaragua in the U23 BWC. Maybe he manages world tournaments differently vs continental due to higher stakes.
Regardless, in a short qualifier like this, you can't make too many mistakes. Don't waste an out to score, besides of sac fly of course, and trust in your bullpen to finish the game for you.
Keeping a calm mind: I've seen enough German games that I can attest to seeing them be overly aggressive in base running or swinging at pitches way out the zone with runners on base due to either pressure or nerves. That's why it's important for a player like Kepler to be on the team as he will help his fellow players keep focus and give them the confidence to not put pressure on themselves.
Player to watch: Kepler He is the leader of this team. The player with the most success on this team, it will be interesting to see how teams will pitch to Kepler. If Altherr does not join the team, Kepler will be pitched around a lot, meaning he will end up on base a lot.
Reasons Why They'll make it: Their starting pitching comes together. Kepler and Altherr join the team and leads their offense. An easy schedule allows them to avoid playing against Brazil or Nicaragua until their third game. As long as they can win their first game, Germany will mutiple chances to qualify or at least make it to the final qualifier spot.
Reasons why they don't make it: Kepler and Altherr opt not to play for the team in the qualifiers or their teams does not allow them. Pitching does not hold up. Manager relys too much on old school tactics i.e bunting to move up runners and score, leaving in pitchers longer then they should have. Runners being to overly aggressive to score or get an extra base.
Can they win a spot: Maybe
Outside of Brazil and Nicaragua, this is the third best team in the group due to the add on of Americans born in Germany and German-Americans. Despite their weakness in the bullpen and starting pitching, Germany has a relax schedule since they do not have to face Brazil or Nicaragua unless they lose their first game.
The biggest question is whether Kepler and Altherr will opt to play in the qualifiers. Losing those two would be a disaster as they both have the potential to put Germany over the top and push them to their first World Classic. It would be a big lost to the team as it would be hard to replace their production and more importantly their presence. Having an MLB player like Kepler on the team can potentially make everyone on the team better and more at ease. It would also force pitchers to pitch around those two.
If Germany can make it to one of the two final qualifier games, all they need is a good day from their pitchers to make it to their first World Baseball Classic and this team has a really good shot at that.
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