Humans have domesticated dogs. Cats have domesticated humans.

San José, Costa Rica — The fossil of a jaw bone could prove that domesticated dogs lived in Central America as far back as 12,000 years ago, according to a study by Latin American scientists ... Scientists find evidence that 9,000 years before humans domesticated chickens, they tried to do the same thing to Australian Murder Turkeys. Since you've never had Kentucky Fried Murder Turkey, you can figure out how that worked out for everybody ( Long before chicken domestication, humans appear to have raised a different bird species – one capable of ripping a person apart with a single raking kick. Cassowaries make birds’ status as ... Many believe that humans began domesticating animals 13,000 years ago, which gave us plenty of time to learn all we need to know about multiple species. However, some animals could not be domesticated, no matter how hard we tried. One thing that needs to be mentioned is the difference between tamed and domesticated animals. Tamed animals can ... Domesticated cats and their ancestors (the African wild cat) could not kill a human if they tried (cats can and have attacked humans). To reiterate, domesticated cats were never "dangerous" to begin with. Let’s look at the evolutionary history of some other popular domesticated animals. The re-analysis of an ancient jawbone reveals humans living in Central America domesticated dogs 12,000 years ago. It was previously believed this happened 9,000 to 10,000 years ago. We are already domesticated. Problem with domesticated animals is they are nearly totally reliant on their maters to survive. Hoarder at some point have to realize they have too many pets. They can't just let their pets go. The pets would die and become scared and dangerous. If the master stop feeding them. The pets will turn on their masters. Overall, cats became a domesticated companion of humans without changing much, says evolutionary geneticist and article coauthor Eva-Maria Geigl. Domestic cats look similar to wildcats, but they ...

2021.10.26 15:50 Adventurous_Low_1518 Humans have domesticated dogs. Cats have domesticated humans.

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2021.10.26 15:50 To_Life_Gaming How does your gut feeling on peoples intentions pan out most of the time?

I just recently found out that im very understanding of peoples intentions before they even know. A kind of underlying understanding of what they really want.
You guys? Gemini moon leo rising if this even matters
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2021.10.26 15:50 pokelife90 Finally found a doctor who will help me get off subs

I've gone through a few doctors, all of them saying they want me on subs long term. Found a new doctor through quickmd. We talked today and she said she'll help me get off. Just wanted to share because I'm so happy and relieved to finally find someone who will help me. So if anyone is in need of a supportive doctor, try quickmd. If you're able to see Angela Shultz she'll help you.
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2021.10.26 15:50 Regular-Definition24 Rolling loud nyc ticket for sale $200 meet ups dm me @michaelheras

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2021.10.26 15:50 cocofrost Why are so many teens reluctant to socialize?

Maybe I am overthinking this or just lack and understanding of teens today but I am worried about my teens social lives. Which is basically non existent...made worse by this pandemic. I worry that they will not find a life long companion because frankly I don't see kids doing anything social! Once they graduate high school it's as if they don't know how to create social activities for themselves. I never thought I would find myself telling me kids to NOT spend so much time at go out plan things, get together at each other's houses. But it seems that their friend groups have dwindled to only a couple friends and no one does much else except text, social media and watch Netflix. I truly am concerned with the lack of dating and just being out meeting people.
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2021.10.26 15:50 bitbraindev A new direction for my Godot RPG

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2021.10.26 15:50 SNOOP-DOGGY420 this is the discord I was talking about don't have access any more

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2021.10.26 15:50 MillennialBets $AGC - Explosive Set Up

Date: 2021-10-26 14:20:04, Author: u/KOH111, (Karma: 2276, Created:Jun-2020)
SubReddit: squeezeplays, DD Click Here
Tickers mentioned in this post:
DASH 213.62 |AGC 12.58 |SE 342.94 |UBER 46.205 |IRNT 10.25 |BKKT 23.01 |
First was IRNT. Then came BKKT. And now we have AGC. I really like the set up on this one and can see it doing similar numbers to those others. As always, I’ll keep it short and sweet for you.
AGC - SPAC that will be merging with GRAB. GRAB is a legitimate super app in Southeast Asia. Think Uber, DoorDash, Amazon, online banking and more wrapped into one. GRAB owns the SE Asia market share which is massive.
Small float (49 M). Extremely high short interest at approximately 40 percent. Higher than both IRNT and BKKT. Simply put, with buying pressure I think this can move just as much as those if not more.
High institutional ownership in the 80 percent range - same situation as BKKT.
Options chain primed to cause MM hedging as calls go deep into the money.
The merger: This is one of the biggest SPAC deals in history at $40 billion. Yes… $40 billion. The merger will be finalized and announced in Q4 2021.
The catalyst: The merger announcement. Rumored for Nov. 1 but confirmed by the CEO for Q4.
I started a position this morning and have been adding on the dip. I think this is a good opportunity in the short term due to the set up but also in the long term due to the outlook for GRAB as a company.
Not financial advice, but I think this is worth a look.
Best of luck out there!
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2021.10.26 15:50 banmenika *insert autotuned putangina

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2021.10.26 15:50 BlanketMage Thanks I hate straws

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2021.10.26 15:50 L-only_me ITAP of my cat with string

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2021.10.26 15:50 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert TRAFFIC PROBLEM E DESERT INN RD / UNIVERSITY CENTER DR 10/26/2021 11:22:42 AM incident #LLV211000110192
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2021.10.26 15:50 knoedebert Drecks E-Autos…

Ja, keine Ahnung wie ich anfangen soll.
Vor gut nem Jahr so nen beschissenen Dreckseimer mit Akku gekauft. MaN wiL jA was fueR Die UmwLt tUn.
Die ersten paar Wochen waren cool, mal was neues, geile Technologie. Ganz anderes fahren. Bin auch aufs Auto angewiesen. Öffis leider keine Option.
Gut. Zuhause kann ich nicht laden, das wusste ich. SIND JA GANZE 3 Säulen für 6000 Einwohner in der Umgebung.
Aber hey, der Vermieter von unserer Firma will ja ne Säule beim Büro machen. JA WANN DU KLUMPEN VON EINEM KASPER. 2084?!? Also leere Versprechen die mich jetzt extrem einschränken.
Und jetzt aus aktuellem Anlass…
Spät aus dem Büro, noch einkaufen, dann noch schnell laden weil wieder leer. Wird ja kalt, da haste natürlich noch weniger Reichweite wie versprochen. So ungefähr 30km anstatt 700km im Sommer. LOL.
Tjo, geht die Säule halt nicht. FIND ICH NATURLICH TOTAL WITZIG WENN ICH NICHT MEHR HEIMKOMME. Auch nach Karte 53 / App 71 nur Abbrüche. Richtig geil wird der Dreck, wenn dann DIE BESAGTE DRECKSCHÜSSEL DEN STECKER NICHT MEHR FREIGIBT.
„Rund um die Uhr“ Hotline vom Betreiber ist um 20 Uhr nicht mehr erreichbar. JA DANN BLEIBT DOCH GLEICH ZUHAUSE IHR HUNDE KINDER. Stellt euch vor ihr steckt im Aufzug fest und am nächsten Tag findet man euch mit euren Exkrementen kuschelnd. So.
Spaß wird heutzutage aber auch echt zu ernst genommen.
Mit 3 km Restreichweite an der nächsten angekommen. Puh. Klappt.
STELLT VERDAMMTE SCHEISSE SÄULEN AUF. SCHNELL. VIELE! (Bitte mit nem einfachen Bezahlsystem)
Ich bin immer noch Fan, aber es ist so anstrengend….
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2021.10.26 15:50 Akihiko_bokuto Your friend deinstalled all your of your games on all of your consoles how do you react?

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2021.10.26 15:50 rodog22 The Illuminators (fanmade concept)

This is an idea I came up with after reading Hundred Devils Night Parade. A concept I intend to use in a campaign some day. This is merely a rough draft of that concept. I haven't bothered stating the Illuminators out yet and Saa (named after an Egyptian deity) is really just a placeholder name.
Saa, the Illuminator was a Twilight Caste scholar and sorcerer of great renown during the First Age. The Deliberative tasked Saa with the preservation of knowledge, a task that he was deemed well suited for due to his love of learning and teaching. Saa soon learned however that his new responsibilities robbed him of what he loved to do most. Learn and teach. Saa found himself spending a considerable amount of his time alone travelling to collect tomes and scrolls of precious knowledge or instructing bound demons to build and maintain vast repositories of knowledge stretched throughout Creation.
To aid in his endeavors Saa performed a sorcerous working on several dozen mortal servants and in doing so created the Illuminators. The Illuminators are blessed with perfect recall and are awakened to essence. They can recall thousands of scrolls worth of text easily, which they pass down to their descendants as a form of genetic memory. Most manage to initiate into first circle sorcery which has become a coming-of-age ritual amongst their communities. In addition to their ability to recite text precisely the illuminators have uncanny linguistics skills and can alter the pigmentation of their skin to resemble ink to show text on their body. Those initiated to sorcery are known to use a ritual that allows them to share memories with one another.
The effects of the sorcerous working was designed to be passable through the blood and the Illuminators became a large clan numbering in the thousands after a few centuries. It became common for exalts not versed in sorcery or not willing to traffic with demons to use Illuminators as well-educated servants and teachers. During the Usurpation, many Dragon-Blooded slew Illuminators due to their knowledge of sorcery that was beyond the Dragon-blooded to perform but could be used by Solars against them. Just as many Dragon-blooded however kept the Illuminators alive as retainers. It was not until the Contagion that their numbers truly suffered.
The Illuminators live in small nomadic tribes throughout Creation of usually no more than a few dozen individuals. They are wary of outsiders as discrimination against them is common in some areas. Nonetheless their knowledge and gift for sorcery makes them highly valued in many parts of the world and an Illuminator advisor is a highly sought-after boon for many rulers.
Illuminators know the location of several remaining manses constructed by Saa that were used as repositories for First Age Knowledge but a gaes prevents them from revealing this information to anyone other than a solar exalted. Their return has convinced some Illuminators to seek them out in hopes of bringing about a return to the glories of the First Age. Others however fear that the knowledge Saa entrusted to them is too dangerous. Many Illuminators due to their genetic memory possess at least limited knowledge of the Usurpation and what led up to it.
Another matter of concern is that the sorcerous working that created the Illuminators appears to be weakening. Estimates vary but it is widely known by the Illuminators that for several centuries after their creation nearly every child born to an illuminator retained the abilities of their mother or father even if the other parent was not an illuminator. Now more than half of all children of illuminators do not possess the gift even if both parents are illuminators. There is hope that a solar exalt can somehow strengthen the power of the sorcerous working that produced them so that they can retain their lifestyle. They know the details of how the working was administered however their inability to perform Celestial Circle sorcery prevents them from doing it themselves. Ideally, they might find the reincarnation of Saa himself and have them perform the deed leading to a new age of enlightenment for their people to carry on their original sacred duties.
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2021.10.26 15:50 ShintayTanya Let black be synonymous with glory.

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2021.10.26 15:50 Eduardo0435 When te funan :v

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2021.10.26 15:50 stereotape And you would have thought this item can't be even worse

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2021.10.26 15:50 Bidnessman05 Can pressa come back to Toronto and live life normally without any problems ?

I mean he can’t hideout in L.A forever . I’m not hating but I see his career slowly declining and coi leray dumping him in a few years . That L.a money will slowly dry up and he’ll have no choice but to move back to the greatest city in the world . Once again I’m not hating .
Thoughts ?
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2021.10.26 15:50 Sygerian_Fuckweasel Kurwa

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2021.10.26 15:50 pedal_deals_bot Fender Limited Edition American Professional Telecaster with Rosewood Neck - $1,250 ($1,250 + Free S/H) 78%

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2021.10.26 15:50 MickFlaherty Finally spent more than $50 on a reel. Pairing with a St Croix Mojo Bass Dod for Smallmouth fishing.

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2021.10.26 15:50 emzsal Prednisone effect on hashimotos

I am a hashimotos female and I take 50 mg daily and my TSH is mostly within range.
But recently I started having colon problems and inflammation and the doctor prescribed 20mg doses of prednisone.
My question is, will this reduce the thyroid antiboidies and thus decrease the TSH? I am worried to go hyper, when I go hyper I tend to be suicidal. So I am asking if anyone has experience of steroids with hashimotos and ira effect on the thyroid numbers. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.26 15:50 RedditUserByDsy Made a purchase using non existent bank account

Hey I was so today I used paypal to buy starbucks online. I thought I used my starbucks card but I used my PayPal card instead. The transaction went through and I got my drink. The only problem is I don't have an existing bank. So I'm wondering how this works. Or did I just discover an unlimited starbucks hack lol jk
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2021.10.26 15:50 Str8hitsrecords Broken

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